Time Warner Speed Test

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Average Time Warner Internet Speed

100 mbps
Download Speed
100 mbps
Upload Speed
2000 m/s
Ping Latency

If you are using the time warner cable for the internet, and want to check the speed of it then you are in right place. I welcome you to perform the time warner speed test here. Your test results are one click away from you. Click on the start test button and get detailed information about your internet service. You see the following result statements over the screen:

Download: download the speed of the internet service that you purchases.

Upload: Upload the speed of the internet service that you purchases.

Mbps: Megabit per second, the number of megabits required to move the one-megabyte file.

Some additional information will also be displayed like the version of your operating system, your current location, the location of the server you used, and the complete information of the service provider. The test values are not constant as they depend on several other factors such as hardware, browser, and the other application that is consuming the internet.

If you want steady and clear results of your internet connection then make sure you have turned off all the applications that are using your internet. Also, check the version of your web browser, is it a new or old one? If it is not up-to-date then update it before performing the test.

Why are Time Warner cables preferred for the Internet?

Time Warner is a company that connects the world with its quality cables. They are providing media, entertainment, and publishing service as well. Most of the time we use the internet to watch movies, videos, to download episodes of the serials, so they have designed these cables to meet these needs of the people. They have focused on the core problem of the public and implemented them. Spectrum is also the successor of Time Warner.

Time Warner INC. was founded on January 10, 1990. Its main headquarter is located in New York City. Time Warner is based on the three segments:

  1. Turner (This segment is responsible for managing cable network and digital media characteristics).
  2. Home Box Office (This segment manages the business level issues).
  3. Warner Bros (This segment makes the TV shows, films, video games, and other media stuff).

If you use this cable, then you will enjoy their packages and as well as the quality of the media content.  

How much bandwidth Time Warner covers?

Time Warner Cable started the testing tier plan, in 2008. They introduced this plan in Texas in order to check the data that the customer has used and their cost. After that, they have covered more cities and also increased their bandwidth. It covers above than 60 Mbps download and transmission bandwidth. Major targeted cities were Rochester and New York.

Rumors regarding Customer Satisfaction

After installation, the Rochester and other small groups opposed the Time Warner cables. Many groups tried to stop these efforts but US Congressman Eric Massa orders the Time Warner company to eliminate the broadband internet cap. The American Customer Satisfaction Index declared the Time Warner Cable as the notorious company related to customer satisfaction in previous years.