TPG Speed Test

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Average TPG Internet Speed

59.90 Mbps
Download Speed
12.93 Mbps
Upload Speed
2135 ms
Ping Latency

TPG is a network provider as Australia's second-largest service company that offers good internet packages with high speed at very reasonable prices. This service is useful for the clients to make the best of their network speeds and easily upload and download content over the web.

This service provider takes care of your internet services and makes sure that your internet or network works fine and in case your TPG plan isn't performing well, you can also contact them for checking the problem and fix the issues. This network provider provides a speed test for your internet to check the speed of your internet and see how fast it is.

You can make use of this online network service to test your internet speed throughout the day multiple times and take out the accurate results to see the performance of your network.

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How To Check TPG Speed

Checking the speed of your internet is easy with the TPG speed test as you just have to make a click on the "Go" button that is available on their speed test site. It measures the speed of your internet in no time. With the TPG speed test, you can measure its speed within 30 seconds and save the results as well.

When you take a speed test, the important thing is to keep records of your download and upload speeds.

Download Speed

Download speed actually measures how fast you can receive the data from the server through the internet. If your download speed is low or slow, it would mean a slow internet connection.

Upload Speed

Upload speed means how fast you can send data on the server to the Internet. It may not be as important as download speed but it can affect your internet speed when you have to upload or share a lot of big size files on the internet. You should also Check Optimum Net Speed test accuracy online.

Internet Speed Plans of TPG

TPG offers various speed plans for your internet as a network provider and you can choose the best one as suitable for you according to your requirements. Here are some speed plans with their maximum speeds to put your hands on.


This package offers a maximum of 12Mbps download, with a 1Mbps upload. It is a typical evening speed of 12Mbps.


This package offers a maximum of 25Mbps download, and 5Mbps upload speed. It has a typical evening speed of 22Mbps.


This package has a maximum of 50Mbps download speed, and 20Mbps upload speed. It has a typical evening speed of 48Mbps.


This package has a maximum of 100Mbps download speed, and 20Mbps upload speed. It has a typical evening speed of 85Mbps.

TPG Internet provider

TPG is the 2nd best service provider for internet and networking across Australia. This network provider has all the best packages that you can get to avail stable and smooth internet. The speed testing at TPG is very beneficial as it would help you to choose and change any offers and packages according to your test scores.

You can analyze whether your current package is up to the mark or whether you need to get a new connection. It is a fast and reliable internet service provider so you don't have to worry about its services.

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How to Improve TPG Speed?

You can take a look at the following factors to improve your internet speed.

Distance Of Modem

Keep the distance of the modem less through the cable as more obstacles in the way or distance will affect your internet speed.

Old Hardware

Old or outdated hardware of your system might not also be suitable to provide good internet speed. Replace it with a new one.

Low Bandwidth

Lower bandwidth will most probably slow down your network which is why you need to increase it in order to get good internet speed.


This was a short discussion about the TPG speed test and we discussed its packages and speed testing service in easy words.


Is the TPG speed test worth it?

TPG speed test is useful in case you want to analyze the speed of your internet and see where the metrics lie. You can understand the reliability of your connection and get your results. It's 100% worth it.