Verizon Speed Test

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Average Verizon Internet Speed

100 mbps
Download Speed
1000 mbps
Upload Speed
2000 m/s
Ping Latency

The Verizon Speed Test is a bandwidth test that is performed online. It is provided to the customers in order to test their internet speed. If you are a new or regular customer of the Verizon then it is your right to test and check the amount of Mbps or Gbps that you get on a monthly basis.  

If you are using other’s brand services than this test might not be suitable for you. I recommend you to go for another test so that you get the valuable results. If you don’t know anything about then this article is for you, read it for better understanding.

How to Use the Verizon Speed Test?

The Verizon use a hosted platform, named OOKLA. If you have tried other speed tests then it is not difficult for you because the steps are almost the same.

  1. First of all, visit our site and log in to your Verizon account. If you have no account then signup immediately.
  2. Press the start button to set up your test and wait for a while.
  3. If nothing happens then reload the page.
  4. Download and upload tests will be performed within a minute and then display the estimated results on the screen.
  5. The whole scenario for the test is so simple, it means the Verizon transfer data to the server and receives it. After this transmission, it performs some mathematical operations to calculate the Mbps rates.

When the test is done, then you get a summary on the page. You can see the download and upload speed results. If you are performing the test on a regular basis then you can maintain the record of your internet test speed. Maintaining the record can lead you towards making the right decision either to choose this internet provider further or go for some other service.

When should I perform the Verizon Speed Test?

As I have already told you that this test is best for the Version service customers. If you are not a version customer than this test is not suitable for you. You should go for some other options.

The Verizon Speed Test gives the best and detailed bandwidth information to its user that is paying them. They believe in honesty and consider it the right of the customer to get the details of the service that they are getting from them. You have to consider these things because you need to download, upload, etc. through the internet and require a high speed for this purpose. If you are not satisfied with this internet speed then your internet package is useless.

I am performing a different internet test for finding my internet bandwidth accuracy. And I came to the conclusion that not to use the non-ISP-hosted tests for your internet. Always use the HTML5-based internet speed test. But if you are still in any confusion then feel free to contact me or go for thorough research to meet your conclusion. Because there is a number of internet speed tests. So, do research and share it with us too. Stay blessed J