Vodafone Speed Test

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Average Vodafone Internet Speed

19.71 Mbps
Download Speed
10.79 Mbps
Upload Speed
170 m/s
Ping Latency

Everything You Should Know About The Slow Vodafone Speed Test! Vodafone is an internet service provider ranking at the first position in Ghana among 25 internet service providers. You can quickly get internet access in Accra and different other cities of Ghana.

Vodafone Speed test

Our crummy internet connections are the major tech headache during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a complete guide to what you can do about them. Restricted to our houses for months, a lot of us have been tolerating a constant annoyance: a lousy net connection.

When we’re working, a video conference with coworkers becomes pixelated, with delayed audio. When we’re relaxing, video games and movies take ages to download. In the worst situations, the connection drops altogether.

As individuals have hunkered down to have the spread of the coronavirus, average net speeds all across the globe have slowed. A few broadband service providers are feeling compressed by the heavy traffic. And dated net equipment can really cause a bottleneck for the speeds.

First Of All, Diagnose The Issue:

What is causing the slow internet speeds, the ISP, or the equipment at home? Here is a way to determine that.

  • Stand near the router and make use of the Vodafone Speed Test to check the current speed of your internet.
  • Then, go to a room farther away from your router and conduct the internet speed test again.
  • Compare the outcomes.

Below fifteen megabits a second is pretty slow. Speeds of about twenty-five megabits a second are enough for watching HD video; more than forty megabits a second is perfect for playing video games and watching a lot of videos.

If the speed test outcomes were fast near the wifi router but sluggish farther away, the issue is probably the router. If speeds were sluggish in both of your test locations, the problem is almost certainly the internet service provider.

If It Is The Router, Here’s What You Should Do:

If you’ve found that the issue is the router, the bad news is that you might need to purchase new equipment. The great news, however, is that there are a lot of approaches to improving the wifi connection. Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

How Old Is The Router? 

If it is more than five years old, you ought to absolutely replace it. Back in 2015, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) eliminated restrictions that had limited the wifi routers’ wireless transmission power, permitting new routers to be twenty times more powerful than they’re before. Upgrading to the newer router will almost certainly be one of the most life-changing tech purchases.

Are The Other Devices Slowing Down The Connection? 

Devices with slower net technology can really slow down the internet speeds for all the other gadgets. For example, the iPhone 5 from 2012 makes use of an older-gen wifi standard. Newer iPhones, from 2014 and later, make use of a faster wireless standard.

Let’s say you have a new iPhone, and your child has the iPhone 5. If the child starts downloading a video on his iPhone 5, and then you begin downloading data on your iPhone, the older device will take longer to complete before the signal frees up the phone for downloading at max speed.

As a remedy, a lot of modern wifi routers provide settings that can provide specific devices a priority for faster net speeds. Consult the instruction manual of your router for the steps. In this hypothetical case, you’d desire to give the new iPhone priority and move the child’s old phone to the bottom.

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How Big Is The House? 

If you’ve got a house with several stories and many rooms, and the wifi is weak in a few areas, the best fix is to purchase a so-called mesh network. It is a system of numerous wifi access points, comprising satellite hubs and the main router that allows you to connect numerous wireless access points together for blanketing the house with a strong net connection.

Where’s The Router Located? 

Ideally, the router ought to be in a central position in the house so that the internet signal covers as many spaces as achievable. Also, the router ought to be out in the open, like on a shelf top, not hidden under a desk or inside cabinets, to beam the clear signal. You ought to also evade placing your router near materials and objects that cause meddling, like metal and large fish tanks.

Are The Neighbors Slowing Down The Connection? 

In the apartment buildings overflowing with devices, the devices' signals are fighting for room on the same channels. You can see what radio channels the neighbors’ devices are utilizing with scanning programs such as wifi Analyzer. 

Then consult the router’s manual for steps on choosing a clearer radio channel. This step is boring, and a lot of modern routers automatically pick the clearest radio channel for you. Generally, replacing an out-of-date router is the most practical fix.

If It Is The Internet Service Provider, There Is Not Much To Do:

If you’ve determined that the ISP’s service is the root of the problem, your only choice is to call the ISP and ask for assistance. When you contact, ask a support agent the following questions:

Why Are The Internet Speeds Slow? 

Occasionally a support team can examine the internet performance and make changes for speeding up the connection. It happens rarely, and more frequently, a technician will have to pay the visit.

Does The Modem Have To Be Replaced? 

Your modem, which is the box that connects the house to the ISP’s service, also can become out-of-date and occasionally has to be replaced. If the support agent confirms that your modem is old, you can schedule an appointment for the technician to provide a new one. Or you can purchase your own and call the ISP to activate it. 

Can I Purchase Faster Speeds? 

The ISP might provide packages with more bandwidth meant for faster downloads and higher-quality video streaming. Ask about the options. As a final resort, you can rely on backups. A lot of modern-day phones have a hotspot feature that turns the cellular connection of your device into a miniature wifi network. Check more