Websurfer Nepal Speed Test

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Average Websurfer Nepal Internet Speed

9.44 Mbps
Download Speed
9.95 Mbps
Upload Speed
258 m/s
Ping Latency

A Complete Guide On Websurfer Nepal Speed Test! Is your internet laggy or slow? Are you having internet connectivity issues? Whether you are looking to test the internet speed for diagnosing an issue or just to check if you have good upload and download speeds in general, there are numerous ways to go about it. This post will show you how you can run the Websurfer Nepal Speed Test. If you are still having issues fixing a problem, we will show you how you can troubleshoot a few of the most common issues too.

How Can You Test The Current Internet Speed?

The first and foremost thing you’ll have to do is test the current internet speed. It’ll tell you whether or not you’re receiving a lower rate than you ought to be. You can do so by simply clicking on the go button and running the test. A good download speed is typically ten megabits per second per person. 

But, that relies on what you are utilizing your internet for. If you are simply surfing the web and checking your email, ten Mbps is adequate. On the other hand, if you are utilizing streaming services or gaming, you will desire to increase the download speed for a flawless experience. 

What Do Mbps And MBps Denote And Why Does It Really Matter?

Okay, so, a little boring but significant stuff here now. Individuals frequently say megabytes when they denote megabits and vice versa. But, there’s a huge difference.

Mbps = megabits

MBps = megabytes

How Can You Speed Up The Internet?

Now, let’s get into some methods that you can improve the internet speed. Keep in mind, a few Internet agencies market huge speeds as the theoretical potential, but in actual fact, you’ll never get near that. Call or email the ISP (internet service provider) and ask them what’s actually achievable in the region so that you do not invest heaps of your time attempting to get an internet speed that just is not possible.

  • Test A Diverse Router/Modem:

The major cause of slow internet is actually a bad router or modem. If you are having regular internet dropouts and blaming them on the internet service provider, you ought to first check if the modem is suited for your internet service provider and the plan you are on.

The simplest method to check is to call the internet service provider; they will provide you with a list of compatible modems. And if you rent the modem from the internet service provider, it’ll be suited for the internet service you have bought.

  • Make Use Of A Fast VPN:

Many individuals make use of the VPN service because it permits you to keep data secure, protect privacy, and bypass censorship. Like hello, access to different other places’ Netflix? Sign me up! But, a lot of VPN services will slow down the internet connection. That is why you have to pick a VPN that has the infrastructure and the bandwidth for supporting faster connections.

  • Check For The On-System Interference:

At times the antivirus programs or other apps can meddle with internet speeds. It’s really annoying, but you can figure that out by just switching everything off one at a time and then performing the speed test once again. Please note we would not be responsible for any spyware or viruses you pick up while doing so. You ought to always have great virus protection.

  • Scan For Any Viruses:

The next thing you have to do is make certain that no virus itself is triggering the slow internet issue. At times viruses can live on the PC and suck away all the resources from what you’re doing, thus slowing down the internet speeds. For scanning the PC for viruses, you can make use of antivirus programs such as McAfee, Norton, or TotalAV. 

  • Turn The Modem Off And On Again:

This next recommendation is frequently the most powerful one. Switch off the modem for a minute and turn it back on once again. It’s known as power cycling and can frequently flush out a bunch of issues that affect internet speed.

If you’re really bold, you can also reconfigure the modem with a brand new password as it can frequently refresh the settings at the end of the internet service provider and refresh your connections. We suggest turning the modem off and back on again at least once every month. But, if you are having serious speed problems, you can try to reset the modem once every day. 

  • Check The Filters:

If you have an internet connection to your phone line that also has a handset on it, then you’ll have to make certain that you have great quality filters installed on the line. These are small plugs that you connect to your phone line, and they assist in filtering out the disturbances. 

  • Find The Best Settings Of Your ISP/Router:

When you sign in to the router/modem, you’ll see a few settings relating to different channels and so on. At times such settings are not on the best choice by default, and you will have to update them based on the devices’ types you make use of, etc. Check out the ISP and router’s official site for the best settings.

  • Protect The Wifi Network:

If strangers are capable of accessing the wifi network, it’ll take up all the internet bandwidth and slow down the internet connection. So, make certain to set up password protection for the wifi network. Make use of a complex password for the wifi. Keep in mind to change the password regularly, particularly if you find any unknown or suspicious devices on the network. 

  • Move The Router:

If the router is situated in some distant corner of the home, a quick method of improving the internet speed is by simply moving the router. Place the router nearer to where you’re so that the wifi signals can get to you. For instance, if the home office is on the top floor and the router is on the bottom one, move your router to the same floor. 

  • Try To Get Rid Of The Cordless Phone:

A few individuals disagree with it, but we’ve found that cordless phones also interfere with or slow down the internet, even with filters. It’s worth running the isolation test by taking out the phones and replacing them with diverse ones (borrow a friend’s) and checking whether you get improved results.

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  • Update Software And Firmware Regularly:

The modem/router actually has its own program that you have to update regularly. You can sign in to the modem by following the brand’s directions. For instance, for the NETGEAR modem, you navigate to http://routerlogin.com, where you can tweak the settings and update. You also have to contemplate updating the PC’s desktop version, OS, etc., as frequently the wireless settings happen to be less compatible over time.

  • Connect Using The Ethernet Cable:

The wifi is good, but a wireless connection is frequently a bit slower than the cabled one. Try to get your Ethernet cable out of the box and plug it straight into your modem, particularly if it is for the desktop PC and you do not have to move it around frequently.

  • Shorten And Replace The Cables:

The length of the wires and their structure can also affect the internet speeds. Try to replace the old sockets, phone cables, and lines and instead make use of newer and shorter ones. It can frequently make a huge difference.

  • Check For The External Interference:

I bet the majority of you have a sound system, an iPad, an iPhone, and at least one other form of an electronic device in the modem space. Right? Well, if so, then you have to check whether such things are triggering electromagnetic interference. Try to move the speakers out of the way and get your other electronic devices out of the modem area.

  • Check The Cabling And Run The Line Test:

If all of that fails, it is now time to get in touch with the modem and ISP Company and ask them for the investigation and line test. It might denote that an employee from the company will be sent out to the home, and it can charge an extra fee. 

But, you may find out the root of the issue. For example, a worker could discover that the cables in the roof are almost completely chewed away and require replacing. It’d be almost impossible to discover without a proper investigation.