WOW Speed Test

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Average WOW Internet Speed

50 Mbps
Download Speed
5 Mbps
Upload Speed
50 to 100 ms
Ping Latency

The WOW (WideOpenWest) Speed Test shows the results of your internet speed of the previous year. Whether your internet provider is WOW or any other, this speed test will show the vital figures of your internet. If the WOW Net Test results are lower than your expectations then reset your router, if the condition is still the same then contact WOW customer service for further support.

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The above shows upload and download stats. These statistics are the most important indicators of broadband Internet quality. The national average download rate of WOW, as of April 2021 is 116.48 megabits/sec. As for their tracks, the average delay on the WideOpenWest Internet speed test is - 1 millisecond. Once grounded, the ground connection typically has a delay of 5 to 70 milliseconds. On the other hand, satellite internet connections often reach speeds of 500 to 800 milliseconds.

WideOpenWest Download Speed and Latency Test

This simple test allows you to accurately measure speed and measure connection performance in real-time, regardless of your current internet service provider. Our team regularly checks internet performance so that consumers can see when internet performance varies on a regular basis. Consumers can see when they need customer support for internet quality or to increase subscriptions when families are exceeding their current subscription capacity.

Download Upload Speed

When you look at WOW Internet subscriptions on other websites and they are ranked according to download speed. The main thing is not only speed but also any upload internet connection. The download speed is usually several times faster than the upload speed. This is common with cable companies as most users require fast download speeds to stream videos or movies, but the upload bandwidth can be used for online streaming activities. If the download speed is 50 Mbps or slower, you're probably getting standard internet upload speeds of 5 Mbps or less.

WOW Latency Test Results

WideOpenWest company usually has a high latency, which is considered a good choice, especially for gamers. “Latency” is a measure of the time it takes for a request to a website to return to your home network; you might see it as a “lagging” measure. Delayed Internet connections can be fast. For WOW, Latency measurement in the range of 50 to 100 milliseconds is normal. Although in some areas they can’t be more than 30 milliseconds. In WOW customers who are mainly fretful about gaming Internet performance, 50 milliseconds or less is preferable. For the rest of people, any time of fewer than 100 milliseconds is enough to feel “instant.”

WOW Cable Network Speeds

WOW! It is a cable Internet provider, which means they use wires TV cables to provide Internet and TV services. Cable is one of the fastest ways to access the Internet today and is much faster than DSL, dial-up, satellite, and most fixed wireless Internet providers. However, optical fiber is faster than cable and provides better upload bandwidth.