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Do you feel frustrated when the internet works slowly? Zuku speed test kenya is a tool for checking the speed of your internet. It will help you in evaluating the speed of the internet and the problem with your internet. Furthermore, it will give you devoted and error-free results. It will also give you details about every test. No matter whether you work in-home or office, reliable and stable internet is a must. 

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What is a speed test tool?

Speed test tools are designed in a way so that you can check the internet speed conveniently, reliably, and accurately at the same time. It measures the speed of internet processing at what speed your internet stream or browse. The speed is measured by using your device's broadband connection. Testing the internet connection is a righteous way to measures the speed of your connection that is it up to the mark or not.

What is Zuku?

Zuku is an East African well-known brand, which is providing internet, telephone, and satellite TV services to people. Their services are cost-effective. They have Zuku internet packages in which the Zuku fiber provides services in homes as well as businesses in an affordable package. They have an enormously grown coverage of the internet. Due to this wide range of coverage, you will get free installation and router on subscription. 

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Zuku speed test

It is the most convenient way to find out your internet speed in exact figures. With this test, you can find out the download speed, and upload speeds of the internet. Also, you can find out the ping and jitter speed through the test. It will firmly help you that why your internet is working slow or not up to the mark. it is free and a good quality speed checker.

How to test Zuku internet speed

The working of the Zuku speed test is very easy. Before starting the test, make sure that only your device is connected to the internet. Also, try to connect your device directly to the cable for internet connection. You can check your speed by just follow certain steps. These are:

Turn off the WIFI from all the devices that are using the internet.

Close all the applications which are running in the background because this may lower the result.

If you are a VPN user, try to disconnect it too.

Try to connect the device directly via a wire. Because the wireless may give inaccurate results.

After that, go on the Zuku speed test page.

Select Zuku as host from the menu and click the “GO” button.

Repeat the test a couple of times for attaining accurate results.

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Component of test results

The result will show you the detailed results of internet speed. Below are those terminologies which are used in measuring the speed.

Download speed

Download speed is that at which data is transmitted through an internet connection to your device. It measures in megabits per second (Mbps). It is essential to watching videos, playing games, etc. As download speed highly affects the quality of videos.

Upload speed

Upload speed is that at which the data travel to the internet from your device. It also measures in megabits per second (Mbps). Having good upload speed is vital in sharing large files. Mostly, the upload speed is lower than the download speed.

Ping test

A ping test is the measurement of time that data takes in traveling. It is the time of response to a request from the server to your device. It is also called a latency test. It is measured in milliseconds (ms).

Jitter test

Jitter test measures the variations in ping. It measures the variation between that time when the computer receives the data from the internet. It also measures in milliseconds (ms).


If you are looking for a speed test tool then, the Zuku speed test tool is a must-try. It will evaluate the speed of the internet and give detailed results. Furthermore, it is a free speed test tool. Through this, you can find the problem that why your internet is slow. You can also be able to evaluate that, is it the speed for which you are paying? Because you always need a stable connection for your tasks. So, try the Zuku speed test for the measurement of your internet speed.