AT&T Speed Test

Average AT&T Internet Speed

Download Speed
Upload Speed
2000 m/s
Ping Latency

(American District Telegraph Company) AT&T speed test measures the speed of your internet connection and also tells you to improve it through various methods. Mostly we recommend you to use the wired connection instead of Wi-Fi networks. Because the wired connection is free of the interference of the environment as compared to wireless. Some people are confused about the speed measurements. So, I clarify. It doesn’t measure the speed of your local network with the AT&T network. It only measures the speed between your computer and the internet. Read below and follow our tips to improve your performance.

How can I measure AT&T Broadband speed?

The AT&T speed test is simple and easy to perform. This test just starts by pressing the “Start” button. It will take less than 1 minute to show you the summary of the internet connection. Two basic factors it will show in the summary as follow:

  1. Download speed: The amount of data received from the internet to your computer.  
  2. Upload speed: The amount of data sent from the internet to your computer.

Note: The latency factor is also responsible for the internet speed.

Average AT&T 5G Download Upload Speed

In AT&T’s Internet services, the download speed is greater than the upload speed. If you want high downloading as compare to uploading then you can go for this plan. They have made higher download bandwidth because most of the customer needs to download the video, files, and other stuff from the internet. AT&T recently decided to make a network of fibers in different places to provide the quality of the internet. This will also increase the upload speed in the upcoming year. They are trying to symmetrical speed it means making download and upload speed equal.

How much AT&T provide the transmission and latency rate?

The average ping and latency rate provided by AT&T is better than other internet providers. The average rate is 100 MS. Many projects are designed to increase the latency rate. You can use AT&T DSL as well as fiber network services. If you want the internet for home and non-commercial purposes then you can use AT&T DSL services. And if you want net for the business then go for fiber services. There is a difference in gigabits in both services. After purchasing their service you can assure their service with the AT&T speed test.

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You got one year of the speed data according to the AT&Ts Internet speeds. Now, you can also analyze AT&T’s speed test not only through the M-Labs database but also with the Google Search tools. Our site does the IP verification to confirm the user IP addresses with the AT&T Internet IP addresses. This thing distinguishes the AT&T Internet users from the non-AT&T users. This test gives more accurate results to its users rather than the non-network user.