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Here are the top-rated Australian internet service providers near me in my area. See the fastest and most trusted networks for wifi and broadband.

Top 10 Australian Internet Service Providers List 2024

  1. Tangerine Telecom: Recognized for its competitive pricing and high-speed services, Tangerine Telecom offers NBN plans with speeds up to 95/17 Mbps. They often have promotional deals, which make them an attractive option for many users​​​​.

  2. Dodo: This provider is popular for its budget-friendly plans. Dodo offers NBN100 plans starting at a promotional price of $67.50 per month, which then reverts to $85 per month after the initial period. They are known for their unlimited data plans and have a typical speed of 100Mbps​​​​.

  3. Exetel: Exetel provides NBN plans with speeds up to 100/17 Mbps. They are known for offering value for money and have various plan options to suit different user needs​​​​.

  4. TPG: TPG is renowned for its fast and reliable service. They offer three NBN speed tiers: Basic NBN 12, Standard Plus NBN 50, and Premium NBN 100, all with unlimited data options​​​​.

  5. Spintel: Spintel is highlighted as the best provider for an NBN 50 plan, offering typical evening download speeds of 50Mbps. Their plans are competitively priced, with no-contract options available​​.

  6. MyRepublic: MyRepublic offers high-speed NBN plans, including Superfast (NBN 250) and Ultrafast (NBN 1000) options, for those eligible for such speeds. They are known for promotional pricing and a 30-day happiness guarantee​​.

  7. iiNet: iiNet is known for its entertainment packages and offers Naked DSL services, which means DSL internet without the need for a telephone line rental​​.

  8. Vodafone: Although primarily a mobile company, Vodafone has ventured into offering NBN plans, all of which come with unlimited data. They provide a straightforward pricing model with options ranging from NBN 25 up to NBN 100​​.

  9. Belong: A newer ISP in Australia, Belong offers straightforward plans including unlimited data options, NBN service, and ADSL 2+ plans​​.

  10. Aussie Broadband: Known for its customer service, Aussie Broadband is quickly building a reputation for performance and engaging with its customers effectively​​.