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Here is the best and top-rated list of Internet Service Providers in Nepal and near me.

Top Internet Service Providers in Nepal 2024

  1. WorldLink: This ISP is known for its high-speed broadband solutions and a wide range of services including NetTv, Virtual Private Server (VPS), and Email/Web hosting services for businesses. They also offer a special gaming internet package in collaboration with PUBG, aiming to improve latency for gamers.

  2. Vianet: Recognized as a pioneer in fiber internet in Nepal, Vianet offers a range of affordable internet packages up to 300 Mbps. They were also the first to introduce IPTV service in the country. Vianet's 2 Gbps internet package, backed by XGS-PON technology, is currently the highest broadband internet speed available in Nepal.

  3. Classic Tech: Growing rapidly in recent years, Classic Tech has launched the country's first 1 Gbps Tachyon 1000 Mbps internet service. They provide a range of services for both residential and business customers, including high-speed internet and IPTV.

  4. Subisu: Established in 2001, Subisu offers cable internet and television services through an HFC