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TOP Internet Service Providers in Pakistan 2024

  1. PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited): One of the largest and oldest telecommunication providers in Pakistan, PTCL offers a range of internet services, including DSL and fiber-optic connections.

  2. Jazz (formerly Mobilink): A leading mobile network operator providing high-speed 4G/LTE internet services.

  3. Telenor Pakistan: Another major mobile network operator offering 4G/LTE internet services with various data plans.

  4. Zong (China Mobile Pakistan): Offers 4G/LTE internet services and has a significant presence across urban and rural areas.

  5. Nayatel: Known for high-speed fiber-optic internet services, particularly in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad.

  6. Wi-Tribe: Provides wireless broadband services using WiMAX technology in multiple cities.

  7. StormFiber: Specializes in fiber-optic internet services with high speeds and reliable connections.

  8. WorldCall: Offers a variety of telecommunication services including broadband internet.

  9. Optix Pakistan: Focuses on fiber-optic internet services with high

-speed and uninterrupted connectivity.

  1. Cybernet: A leading ISP offering a range of services including dedicated internet for businesses, data center solutions, and high-speed broadband for residential users.

  2. Wateen Telecom: Known for its broadband internet, including fiber optic services, enterprise networking, managed services, and cloud computing.

  3. Linkdotnet Telecom Limited: Specializes in broadband internet, data networking, and enterprise solutions.

  4. Connect Communication: Offers seamless internet service for both residential and corporate consumers, known for its reliable connectivity.

  5. Fiberlink: Provides fiber optic services in major cities of Pakistan, boasting fast internet connectivity and stability.

  6. COMSATS Internet Services: Offers a range of IT services including ISP, data center services, web hosting, and networking.

  7. QUBEE: Introduced WiMax technology in Pakistan, providing wireless internet connectivity.