PTCL CharJi EVO Speed Test

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Average PTCL CharJi EVO Internet Speed

3.39 Mbps
Download Speed
2.32 Mbps
Upload Speed
350 m/s
Ping Latency

The PTCL EVO devices have been used normally as portable internet devices lately. The EVO 3G/4G net dongles are low priced and have extremely good Wi-Fi speed for the users. The PTCL CharJi Unlimited Package is extensively utilized for the majority of office workers and students.

How To Make Use Of The PTCL CharJi EVO Speed Test?

The online usages of such devices are becoming well-liked because of the astonishing features and availability in the majority of the destinations. The packages provided with Evo 3G/4G are very fast and cheap. They provide a speed of more than nine Mbps in the majority of the regions. 

The users like the portability and change their minds to purchase it. If you’re a user of Evo, then here’s the PTCL CharJi EVO Speed Test tool by which you can learn the Evo Wi-Fi speed without any signup and wasting your time. 

This system will provide you with a complete analysis of the Evo device’s speed with the upload, download, and ping data. The speed of the net might differ from time to time because of different reasons, so refresh the page for checking the speed test and then compare that with the previous speed. 

EVO CharJi Speed Test:

In Pakistan, PTCL is the most usually accessible internet service provider. PTCL EVO 3G and 4G net devices are also becoming more and more well-liked in Pakistan. All the EVO devices provide limited data bundles, but they’re really fast compared to other devices. If you’re a traveler, then this device will definitely work great for you. 

It offers you a speed of up to 9.3 Mbps. Here’s a new Evo speed test tool that will find out the actual net speed of your Evo device. You can compare the outcome with the downloading speed at the download manager and there’ll be no major difference. But you have to make certain of the following:

  • Disable proxy servers and VPN clients if they’re not needed for establishing access to the global network.
  • Close all apps that make use of the network and the Internet to maximize the channel load.
  • The settings of the router are configured properly according to your internet service provider’s instructions.
  • The router is updated.
  • The device is connected to the correct net connection.
  • All background programs are closed, which might eat up data.

How Can You Make Use Of The PTCL EVO CharJi Speed Test?

Here’s a free tool to check the current net speed provided by PTCL EVO CharJi devices. For beginning the speed test, simply click on the Start option. The outcome will be shown on your screen in less than a minute. 

This service finds out the speed of outgoing and incoming connections with ping. However, it also shows thorough details about the net connection from which you conducted the check. The outcome will comprise a report of:

  • Upload speed (the speed of information sent from the PC to your Internet).
  • Download speed (the speed of information sent from the net to the PC).
  • Ping and Latency (a factor that can influence the speed).

Note: The speed test results might differ at diverse times of the day because of the signal quality, network fluctuations, network congestion, etc. To get a precise understanding of the PTCL CharJi Evo speed and bandwidth burst averages, it’s suggested that you conduct the speed test at diverse times of the day and compare the outcomes.

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The Bottom Line:

The net speeds ought to correspond not just to the PCs and other devices but also to your Evo device as well. It’s not only a USB. It’s significant that the most recent software is installed on it, according to your internet service provider’s directions. You can check what program is installed on the device and whether the latest version is accessible.

The Ptcl Evo CharJi Speed Test relies not just on the internet service provider originates but also on the laptop, mobile, or PC speed, the current usage, the number of connections you’re utilizing at the time, and the place where you\re sitting. You have to be cautious and keep all details accordingly to check the EVO CharJi speed.