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Here is the list of top-rated internet service providers in Malaysia near me. Best broadband services in Malaysia.

Top Internet Service Provider in Malaysia 2024


  1. TIME Fibre Broadband: TIME is highly regarded for its astounding speed and value for money. They offer plans such as 100Mbps at RM99/month, 500Mbps at RM139/month, and 1Gbps for RM199/month. However, TIME's coverage is more limited compared to other providers, focusing mainly on high-density urban areas​​​​.

  2. Maxis Broadband: Known for its strong mobile telecommunication services, Maxis also offers fixed line broadband. Their plans range from 30Mbps to 800Mbps, with prices between RM 89 and RM 299 per month. Maxis is unique for offering Mesh routers and the potential to bundle with mobile plans​​​​.

  3. Unifi AirTM: Part of the Telekom Malaysia (TM) group, Unifi AirTM offers plans with high-speed connectivity and the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously. They are known for their mesh routers that are WiFi 6 certified, enhancing wifi coverage significantly​​​​.

  4. Celcom Business Wireless: Celcom is recognized for its excellent customer service and comprehensive coverage across Malaysia. They offer various prepaid, postpaid, and broadband options at competitive prices. Their plans include features like free internet data for specific apps and widespread coverage, including rural areas​​​​.

  5. Digi Fibre Broadband: Digi, a relatively new player in the market, provides a range of services including postpaid, prepaid, and broadband. Their plans are known for competitive pricing and extensive service options​​​​.

  6. Astro Fibre: Originally known for Satellite TV, Astro is now expanding into internet services. They offer standalone home fibre broadband plans, marking their entry into the digital content and ISP sector​​.