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(WiFiman Streamyx) With a broad range of TM's products, the company offers a good broadband service and a sub-par mobile product performance. The iconic Unifi broadband of TM has impressively improved its usefulness over time.

Tm Unifi Speed Test

Recently, Malaysia saw a considerable rise in broadband unifi speed test slow rankings and placed among the world's top five countries having the largest fixed-line broadband. As a whole, Malaysia's broadband speeds rose averagely up to 35.83 Mbps – an increment of about 90%.

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The National broadband provider of Malaysia Telekom Malaysia (TM), having a virtual monopoly over the industry for years, was put under pressure from its strong competitors on both business and residential fronts.

Additionally, the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission or MCMC had also introduced Mandatory Standard Access Pricing. The primary goal of MSAP was to bring broadband prices down. As a result, the country's telecommunication providers saw a drastic reduction in costs when considering much higher speed packages.

Since TM had introduced it's Unifi plans a decade ago, the company had rested on its laurels to offer subscribers broadband speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Given this background and its exceptionally strong competitors, the question arises, "is TM still a good pick for Malaysian broadband customers?"

Before we discuss the Unifi 100Mbps speed test let's discuss why TM Unifi is a good broadband pick!

Ptcl net speed test

Benefits of Having Unifi Broadband Connection:

  • Wide Coverage

Since TM is the national telecommunication service provider, the network has been around for quite some time now. Because of this, the network has both infrastructure and manpower necessary to provide nationwide broadband coverage – during the time when the copper wire was still playing a role.

The network is also the first one, deploying fiber broadband infrastructure. Due to TM's wide product range, the company offers broadband coverage in the entire country.

  • Extended Product Range

The TM Unifi, with a substantial product range, is covering almost every spectrum of telecommunication. Most of its products emphasize value-added services, such as Video on Demand or VOD, Unifi TV, and VOIP services.

Time warner telecom speed test

  • Exceptionally Great Speeds

Currently, Unifi packages offer blazingly fast speeds (from 30 Mbps to 300 Mbps). However, an Unifi package with up to 800 Mbps speed is available for pre-existing customers who are enjoying the subscription of original Unifi packages. But the speeds of Unifi standard packages are considerably lower than what some competitors offer.

  • No Data Cap

Though, upon introducing the Unifi, TM waffle a little on bandwidth quotas, the company clearly stated that there would be no bandwidth cap regardless of the plan you choose. This is a bonus value for customers, especially for those who need their broadband for all of their purposes, including streaming videos.

Unifi controller speed test

 Unifi has improved its services in both terms of price and speed over the past few years. However, if you have an Unifi speed test mobile connection are annoyed with its slow speed, you can use the Unifi speed test to check the connection speed. It is an easy-to-use speed tester and shows both the upload and download speed of your Unifi internet connection.

Here is how you can use the Unifi speed test;

Make sure your device is connected to your Unifi broadband connection.

Now, open a browser from your device and input the URL (speedtest.tm.com.my) in the address bar.

Press the Enter key, and you will land on the official webpage of the Unifi speed test.

Hit the orange Go button, and it will start calculating the download and upload speeds.

Wrapping Up

That is all about TM and Maxis Unifi speed test. I have discussed everything in detail, and I sincerely believe that this piece of article will give you enough information related to TM and Unifi speed test you are looking for. Got any queries? Write us a comment below.


Q: Does the Unifi speed test show accurate download speed?

Ans: Yes! Unifi speed test is an official speed tester of TM's Unifi broadband connection. You can run the speed test whenever you want to check if you are getting the same speed as your internet service provider highlighted in your contract.