Unifi Vs Maxis Fibre Speed Test Speed Test

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Average Unifi Vs Maxis Fibre Speed Test Internet Speed

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UniFi and Maxis Fibre Internet Speed Test are now available. This is a comparison post between UniFi and Maxis Fibre Broadband speed. This will show you how much difference is there in the newborn telco to Telekom Malaysia(TM). Check below for the results. Readers are advised to not take this as fact due to it could be an outcome of many factors that might affect your internet connection such as hardware configuration, bandwidth limitation etc. . However if anyone got a similar result in their own server please feel free to comment below so I can update my findings.

50M 0.5% 42.6Mbps 1.9Mbps 36 149/843 Unifi 2Mbps Downlink 100M 0.4% 20Mbps 2Mbps 33 179/837 Unifi 4Mbps Downlink 500Kbps Upstream 500Kbps Upstream PLR=1 50Kbps Upstream 100Kbps Upstream 1Mbp Upstream 10 Mpbs downstream =Max Line Rate for uncapped Fibre Plans 2Mbps Downlink = Max Line Rate for Uncapped UniFi

58ms 36 less 24% 25Mb downstream is still the same for both unifi and fibre.

However, the downlink of fibre has more packet loss. The upload speed on Unifi is slightly better than Fibre at 2Mbps vs 1.9 Mbps, probably due to the lower PLR ratio in Unifi vs Maxis Fibre (843/842). I had similar results but this is not bad if you want to play some online games over the weekends or download torrents for your movies. In summary, from these tests done by me, I can say that there isn't much difference between both packages if you are looking for internet speed alone.

Maxis fibre Is Good Choice

For someone who is on budget and can't afford Unifi, Maxis fibre is a good choice. For someone who likes to play online games, torrent etc may be better to go with Unifi due to slightly higher upload speed even though the PLR ratio for both are at 4-5% ( not bad for ISPs). The price of UniFi 100Mbps ultimate is still more expensive than Maxis fibre 500Mbps in my area but maybe it will drop soon since we have a new entrant into the Malaysian ISP market.