SDN Speed Test

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Average SDN Internet Speed

1 gbps
Download Speed
1 gbps
Upload Speed
Ping Latency

SDN speed test is designed to give you perfectly accurate results up to a 96th percentile accuracy regarding the working speed of your Internet.

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SDN Speed test Internet connection:

SDN Internet connection or more commonly known as SDN communications is a fiber optic network system that has been around for years now. It provides a strengthful Wi-Fi connection for all of your daily needs. Whether it be downloading or uploading stuff, sending or receiving emails or streaming high quality videos.

SDN communications satisfies your every need.

SDN Connection packages:

A list is always compiled by our team compiling all the provider connection broadband packages but SDNs website is currently under repair and we will update the website with a fresh list of packages when it becomes available.

Keep on checking this page for new and latest updates on the packages of SDN communication.


Internet has now been around the world for years. Back to the ages before the development of the Internet, it was literally a stone age era.

People would send messages through pigeons and horse riders that would take days to reach to other corners and nooks of the world.

The advent of Internet changed this scenario for good for now we can send messages to any person sitting in any corner of the world, be it miles away, in a milli second. That is the beauty that Internet has brought into our lives. With all these statements, true is the fact that the speed of ones Internet connection holds an invaluable status in our lives.

If the speed of one's Internet connection is good, it’s almost as if one is the paradise of modern tech.

A slow speed Internet connection can be very miserable, and we here truly understand this.

Origin of speed tests:

Speed tests were first designed back in 2006 by two friends and colleagues Mike Apgar and Doug Settles to eradicate the issue of slow speed Internet connections.

Speed tests have since been in use by millions of people and are used every day.

Constituents of speed test:

A good and reliable speed test consists of 5 basic Components including

  • The uploading speed test

  • The downloading speed test

  • The ping test

  • The Latency test

  • The jitter test

Although SDN Internets official website provides its users with the facility of checking their Internet connection for free, but this comes with a few problems.

Now bias is an import at factor to consider when thinking of checking the Internet speed through your official providers website. However, getting your test done through a third party website eradicates this bias completely and what’s left is an accurate results of your Internets speed test.

Results of speed test:

Results of most speed tests mostly consist of only the downloading speed test result since the downloading speed is one of the most accurate predictors of the overall Internet speed.

However, an excellent speed test result consists of the following constituents

  1. The Downloading speed
  2. The Uploading speed
  3. The Ping test/The Latency test

Average good to go Internet speeds:

Average internet speed


12-25 mbps

Average downloading speed

10 mbps

Average uploading speed

1-100 mbps

Lowest speed recordes

0.77 mbps

Latency value

100 milli seconds

Next step after results fall below expectations:

There are quite a few steps that you can follow once you are sure that your Internet speed is below average:

  • Try restarting your device and your Wi-Fi router.
  • Troubleshoot your device and run the speed test again.
  • Contact the Internet providers help line if the problem still persists.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) :

1- Is there a difference between upload and download speeds?

Upload speed refers to the time that a connection takes to upload a specific set of data to the server whereas the download speed is the vice versa that is to say the time a connection takes to download a specific set of data from the server onto the computer.

Usually, the download speed is a better predictor of the overall Internet speed.

2- Which speed component is better to look for when playing games like pubg?

The ping test component of the speed test is the most accurate predictor of the how a heavy load game like pubgs smoothness will go.

A poor ping will produce a bad experience regarding gaming.

3- How do I which website is a reliable source of Internet velocity tests?

Normally any third party website is a great to get your speed test checked.

We don't recommend using the providers official website to test your speed because of the bias that might be involved with checking the speed through the main providers website.

4- What to do if my speed test shows a below average result?

In case your internet speed shown by your speed test comes below average there are a few ways you can proceed with this:

1- Restart both your wife router and your device and run the speed test again.

2- Troubleshoot your Internet connection and run the speed test again.

3- In case the slow speed problem still persists, Call your Internet providers help service and they will surely come up with a solution to your problem.


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