Bright house Speed Test

IP Address:

When you are searching the conflicts of Internet service provider then it becomes necessary for one to get the opinion of the third party. If you are performing the speed test from the organization that is providing you the internet services then you are doing unfair with you. You should ask for other reliable company internet speed tests because the host provider eliminates the factors and the variables that you really want to test. In short, the internet measures the speed and compare with the same IP address.

The test is dependent on several factors such as Mbps, Upload speed, and download speed, let me tell you one by one that how these factors effects?


Mbps means Megabits per second. If you want to move one megabit file then you require 8 megabits per second to make this transaction fast. If the Mbps rate is high the speed of transaction will be fast and vice versa. In short, High Mbps means files like digital photos transferred fast.

2.Download Speed

It is the maximum amount of info that your PC or device that collects in 1 second. Fast internet download speed allows you to enjoy the live streaming, gaming and video streaming.

3.Upload Speed

It is the maximum amount of info that your PC or device uses to send data in 1 second. Maximum upload speed means you can upload pictures or videos to your social media account within no time.

After going through the above-mentioned information, you are cleared with the speed testing factors.

How to Run a Bright House Speed Test?

If you want to do a speed test then connect your device with the internet providing device. For better results, you should have Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi or Evo modem. If you have connected Ethernet then do follow these guidelines:

  1. Cat 5E or Fast Ethernet cable is needed to ensure that your wire is not limited by the speed. Many wires have a description tags in which all the specifications are written. Read them before selecting any wire.
  2. As a researcher and writer, I surely recommend Cat 5E cable because its quality is approved and reliable since 2001.
  3. If your internet device is shared with another device at home, then disconnect them from the network, temporarily.
  4. Now, start performing the test.

Note: Make sure that you are using the latest version of web-browsers Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Bright house speed test is least accurate than other tests. Because it measures the internet speed on the same criteria and makes you think that your internet speed is fast. You should make a survey and then decide which the best is.

I am 30 years old and have a lot of experience in this field. I have surveyed multiple times and reached this conclusion. TMDS (Test My Download Speed) and TMUS (Test My Upload Speed) are two factors which clearly defines the test results and make your mind clear about your internet connection. If you are performing internet speed test at any platform then compare its results with your own mind by the above mentioned two techniques. Because many of the internet providers remove the routing factors in order to make their customer fool. So, I have done my job. Now its up to you. Best of luck