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The Ookla broadband speed test, also known as the Net Index Broadband Speed Test, informally known as "Speedtest", and formerly called "Broadband Reports" or simply "BT" (standing for bandwidth test), is a system for testing the true download speed of an internet connection over a period of time. Ookla, the world's most popular website for testing internet speed is being accused of cheating by users who say their real-life speeds are much faster than what they get on their Ookla-provided results.

The software measures this by sending data through the 'net to a central server located on one of two locations (one in Seattle, one in Provo, Utah) via User Datagram Protocol UDP port tester protocol. Ookla is a very popular speed testing service used by millions of people. Ookla was founded in 2007 to provide consumers and businesses across the globe with a better way to measure, monitor, and manage broadband internet performance.

To understand how accurate all these results are, we need to find out if the test really shows us what our actual internet speeds are day-to-day or not. If it doesn't, then you'd have no idea if your provider is actually delivering as promised or not! This would be especially dangerous for customers living in places like say..Comcast monopolies, where they are the only internet provider and they can change all their prices and speeds whenever they wish.

Ookla speed test is indeed quite accurate. Ookla speed test provides the best estimate only if your PC can download at its max capacity in order for Ookla to calculate an accurate average. Ookla is good because you don't have to spend time testing during peak hours of your ISP and Ookla will tell you what the congestion rate is on your ISP's network so that it helps make better decisions while choosing a provider.

If Comcast tells you that you'll get 30Mbps for $49.99 per month but your tests results keep coming out around 5-15Mbps, then of course it's okay to cancel your service! (Even though that is not how it works) But if that were to happen, you would have no point of comparison ready since the service never gave you any accurate information in the first place!

The goal of is to provide a free broadband speed test that measures Internet bandwidth performance between any provider anywhere in the world other words, if Ookla is accurate, then you can rely on your internet speed results in order to make better decisions and find out what the real problem with your internet connection might be. If it's too slow for a game you want to play online or just way too expensive.

As well as providing web-based access to its bandwidth testing services, Ookla offers Speedtest as a downloadable app for iOS and Android smartphones. The Ookla test works by pinging servers owned by Akamai Technologies in order to measure latency and download speeds. The upload speed is calculated using the difference between your computer clock and the timestamp of returned packets.

 Factors Affect the Accuracy of Speed Test Result:

The accuracy of speed test results depends on several factors, including the number and geographical location of our measurement servers in relation to your computer, the access technology (e.g., wired or wireless) you use to connect to your ISP, the configuration of your network router or modem, whether both ends are using Ookla Toolbar at the same time (which is rare), etc. For example, routing through coffee shop wifi may provide inaccurate results.