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Speed tests are important for a lot of reasons, but is one of the most common speed testing services on the internet. So, there's probably a good chance that can tell you whether or not your network connection is fast enough to watch videos online (it probably can) and it's also got a good chance of telling you where speed tests are usually accurate (they're probably pretty accurate at is a simple service that can tell you whether or not your network connection has the speed necessary to do what it's doing right now. The internet without It'd be like our monitors without screens, our keyboards without letters, paper without authors, and cars without speedometers -- it just wouldn't make sense! 

There are lots of different factors that determine how fast your connection is going to be including the computers themselves, home networks, and even weather conditions. While these things obviously affect speeds dramatically many people don't know how much they affect their own speedtests . The speed test doesn't even have to be "flawed" for your speed tests to not give accurate data on your speed -- if you're doing speed tests at times when they are most likely slower than normal, then it's going to seem slow!

Reason of slow internet speed

1) Your local ISP is having problems.  If you have slow speed issues in one place and don't have them anywhere else within range of the same ISP, chances are your service provider is experiencing an issue that could affect latency and speed. All sorts of things can cause these outages including power fluctuations, server issues, and more. You may experience sluggish performance or get errors from others trying to connect, especially if it's a large outage.

Telltale signs: speed test will be slow or you'll have other issues using the internet in general, you can even call them to see what is going on and they may not know yet.

2) There are network problems between you and  When you do speed tests, your computer sends information to about your connection speed - this information travels over the internet just like everything else we do online today! If there are any network problems along the way (or the speed test itself is down), then the speed test probably won't work too well for you, regardless of how fast your connection might actually be at that moment. You're getting useful data, though - speed test is a speed "indicator" not a speed test!

3) There are speed problems with your computer or itself. Sometimes the company running speedtest or their servers may have technical issues that result in bad speed tests for everyone. Also, just like your computer's display, speedtest may take a little bit of time to "warm up," and report accurate results when you first try it out (speed test often won't give you completely accurate readings until after you use for 10-15 minutes).

4) You got unlucky.  I'm sorry to say this, but sometimes things don't always work as they should and speedtest will give you inaccurate results. This is rare, but it happens. If speedtest gets too many speed tests like this, they will remove it from the speed test ranking page and no longer rank it. You can still get a reliable speed test by clicking on "other speed tests" at the bottom of's main page.

5) Your computer is causing errors in speedtest .  Sometimes running speed tests makes your computer do things that interfere with speed test results (or even make speedtest crash). Examples are using downloads or uploads in progress during a speed test (so you're downloading other files while speedtest tries to measure your internet connection), pushing your processor to 100% usage (especially if you don't have an adequate cooling system), or--if you have multiple wired connections.

6) Someone else is using your internet and downloading heavy.