Melita Speed Test

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Average Melita Internet Speed

101.4 Mbps
Download Speed
15.81 Mbps
Upload Speed
48 m/s
Ping Latency

Check How To Perform The Melita Speed Test On A PC? Melita is the ISP that operates in Malta. Presently it ranks in first place among eight ISPs (internet service providers) in Malta. Top coverage cities are Birkirkara, Nadur, Zurrieq, Mellieha, Qormi, Victoria, Mosta, San Pawl il-Bahar, Zabbar, Valletta, and Zejtun.

How Can You Perform A Speed Test On A PC?

For running an internet speed test on a PC, a user has to follow the below steps:

  • Disconnect from your VPN in case you are using one.
  • If you utilize the wifi for accessing the web on a PC, you ought to disconnect your wifi as well.
  • Disconnect any of your devices connected to the wifi to avoid any negative effects on the Melita Speed Test.
  • Connect one end of your Ethernet Cord to your modem’s Ethernet ports and the other end of the cord to your PC’s Ethernet ports.
  • Unplug the power cord of your broadband modem for about 60 seconds.
  • After 60 seconds, plug your power cord back in, and turn your modem back on.
  • Close any website or program connected to your net.
  • The speed test can be run easily. One just has to go to the speed test on the PC and click on the go button. The results will be shown in a few moments.
  • The upload and download speeds ought to be compared to the internet speed promised by your internet service provider.

Understanding The Results Of The Speed Test:

Internet speed is measured in megabits per second or Mbps and gigabits per second or Gbps. The download speed demonstrates how fast information can be transmitted from the net to your device. This speed affects the web activities like online streaming and browsing, etc. Whereas the upload speed will demonstrate how fast information can be transmitted from your device to the net. 

It affects activities like uploading documents, video conferencing, videos, photos, etc. The ping rate will show you the reaction time between the test server and your device. Higher ping rates denote that the internet speed is slow.

Things Affecting The Speed Test Results:

There may be numerous things affecting your speed test. It comprises which day of the week it actually is and what the precise time is. The age of your PC or smartphone and the broadband plan utilized can also affect the results. 

Moreover, speed tests are more precise over a cable connection than on wifi. Living far-off from the exchange can also deter one from benefiting from the fastest net speed as promised by the internet service provider. By working on such things, you can improve the net speed considerably.

How Can You Improve The Internet Speed?

If you find the net too slow to bear, there are various steps you can take to speed it up.

  • Upgrade The Router:

Let's begin here; if the router is more than five years old, replacing it with the new one can make a big difference. Be certain to get a dual-band router, at least or if possible a triple-band model, and utilize the five GHz bands.

  • Change To A Less Crowded Channel:

The router can transfer on various diverse channels, each of which has its bandwidth. If you are facing connectivity problems, open your router's settings and change your channel from Auto to one of the other choices available. 

You may have to experiment to locate a channel that is not crowded already. Typically, channels 6, 1, or 11 will be the best options in the 2.4GHz band, and any of the twenty-three channels in the five GHz band ought to work.

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  • Place Your Router Centrally:

If possible, place your router in the center of the house; equidistant from each corner, you require net access. Alternatively, invest in the mesh router, which makes use of the several nodes you can place around your home rather than depending on a single router in the center. 

  • Make Certain Nobody Is Stealing The Bandwidth:

The internet speed may be slow because others are utilizing the wifi signal, leaving less for you. Make sure the router is utilizing WPA2 security using a strong password (you can see it in your router's settings page in a browser). 

You can also utilize the router's settings page to check what client devices are connected to the network. If you do not recognize any, you can kick them off your network and then change the password. 

  • Make Certain The Router's Antennas Are Angled Correctly:

If the router has antennas, you can turn or twist, angle them for the top transmission through the floors and walls. If the house is a single level, point all your antennas straight down and up. If you live in a multi-floor house, point one antenna vertically but arrange one horizontally at least.

  • Check The Family's Internet Usage:

At times, the net is sluggish because the bandwidth is being used by other users in the home. If you have a problem streaming video, for instance, make certain three other individuals are not streaming diverse films at the same time. You may desire to utilize the parental controls feature to limit when the children can utilize their devices and what they can really do with them.

  • Upgrade The Broadband Internet Package:

A lot of ISPs comprise more bandwidth than you usually require; if you are receiving twenty Mbps or more, upgrading will not assist a lot unless you’ve genuinely large data requirements. But if the net plan is modest, like five Mbps, contemplate upgrading; tweaking the router is unlikely to give you better internet speed with the package that slow. Read more


It’s significant to perform an internet speed test sometimes for troubleshooting diverse factors which may be decreasing the speed of the net connection. While most broadband providers provide a fast download speed, the upload speed is comparatively slower. 

Fiber broadband fixes this problem efficiently by providing a high-speed net connection with equally fast upload and download speeds. Furthermore, the distance of your device from the exchange or cabinet also doesn’t affect the speed of the fiber connection.