Metro net Speed Test

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Average Metro net Internet Speed

Download Speed
Upload Speed
Ping Latency

Metro net speed test will allow you to not only evaluate the downloading speed but also various other variables of a speed test in the form of a result displayed on screen so that you can have a better idea of the Internet’s server working.

Metro net Internet Speed test connection:

Metro net Internet service is very popular in Indiana and its headquarters are based in Evans vile.

The greatest and ultimate feature of metro net Internet service is that it provides symmetrical streaming.

The model on which meter net is based in is the fiber optic cable and they have come with the best cheeky tag line also

'the weather outside is frightful

But our fiber is the most delightful'

Now you need not to worry about winter storms and rain, metro net has it all under care.

Backdrop of speed tests:

Speed is always an important factor to take into consideration whenever you are considering the quality of an Internet service.

Any Internet company's performance is highly dependent in the speed of the Internet that they let their users to enjoy.

In the beginning, if the Internet era, many Internet companies started to formulate. The competition grew and many came up with the promise of providing the fastest Internet to their users.

At that time in the late 1990s there was no standard method of measuring the speed of an Internet server. Even if people would complain to their providers about having slow Internet, they would cope up with the influx of complaints by saying the problem must be with the weather or with the users device. To put an end to this, finally analytical methods of calculating the speed of Internet were created-Speed tests.

Advent of speed tests:

Having been introduced to the masses in early 2006 by two friends and team mates, speed tests soon become very popular.

The biggest reason for their rapidly growing popularity was the ease with which they could be used and can still be used. It doesn't matter if the user is a 70 year old or a 7 year old, speed tests are very easy to perform.

You just have to click on the link that will start the speed test service on your server and boom within seconds you will have your result displayed on your computer screens.

Speed test result components:

Most of us know that the most accurate marker of the speed of the Internet service has to be downloading speed but an excellent speed test is the one that uses the following markers along with the downloading speed:

These include but are not limited to

  • The downloading speed
  • The uploading speed
  • The jitter test / The packet variation delay test
  • The ping test / Commonly known as the Latency test

Metro net fiber broadband packages list:

Metro net Indiana has come forward with the following broadband plans:

100 MB

50 usd per month

500 MB

60 usd per month

1 Gigabyte

60 usd for 6 months

2 gig Internet is also available on request.

Ways to proceed after the speed test results come in:

You can proceed with your daily tasks if the speed of the Internet is above average or it meets the average requirements.

However, in a scenario where the speed of the Internet does not meet the minimum requirements you can do one of the following things

  1. First restart your device and the modem.
  2. If this doesn't work sort to troubleshoot your computer.
  3. Last resort is to Call the helpline service of the Internet company.

Speed test results:

  • The downloading speed
  • The uploading speed
  • The ping test/ The Latency test
  • The jitter test / The packet variation delay test

Average speed test results:

Each and every Internet service has to have the below mentioned values at least to ensure smooth working of the Internet and to avoid any hassle for the user.

Average internet speed

171.13 mbps

Average downloading speed

170 mbps

Average uploading speed

100 mbps

Lowest speed recording

0.77 mbps

Latency value

100 milli seconds

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1 - Which speed test variable can be best applied to the gaming professionals?

The Latency test speed is the speed variable that is the most considered by professional gaming people.

It is more commonly known as ping. You probably might have heard gamers screaming my ping Is down!

What they mean to say is that their Internet service is taking a longer time than usual to transfer their data to their team players computers.

2- How can I ensure the safety and privacy my data while running this speed test?

One thing on which we never compromise has to be the privacy and safety needs of our users.

You can be rest assured that your data is completely safe and running this speed test will not affect it by any means.

The safety of our user’s data is our top priority.

3- In case of no assistance from the Internet service provider, What should be ideally my next step?

Normally every Internet service provider company tries their best to come up with solutions to your problem of slow speed Internet or any other problem that you are facing. There is hardly an Internet service provider that we know of that is unwilling to provide assistance to their customers however in a scenario where this does happen, your next step should be to change your Internet service.


Metro net speed test is the top notch choice for checking the server connection of your Internet. Let us know how it goes after trying in our review section.