Planetel Srl Speed Test

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Average Planetel Srl Internet Speed

22.6 Mbps
Download Speed
12.7 Mbps
Upload Speed
234 m/s
Ping Latency

Ways To Speed Up The Planetel Srl Speed Test Results! Everyone desires a faster internet. But there is a lot of data out there, and many potential solutions you can undertake, and not all of them help. A few instructions are straight-up fake, and others are just very technical and/or expensive.

We are here to assist you in speeding up the internet on the cheap and without having to invest a million hours figuring out how the router works. We looked at everything from the router to the web browser and even the ISP. Let's start!

First, Run A Speed Test:

First of all, you should run an internet speed test to find out what speed you are really getting at the moment. You will learn about the different parameters during the Planetel Srl Speed Test. Make sure to run the speed tests several times during the day and then compare the results. 

Consider The Data Cap:

Data caps are one of the major causes of slow net speed out there. Internet service providers do not advertise the data caps for clear reasons, but they can seriously meddle with the connection. A data cap denotes that you can utilize a certain amount of data each month, anything from a few hundred megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes. 

If you go over the data limit, the internet service provider will seriously restrict the net speeds. And you will notice; if you do not know whether or not you have any data cap, then simply check the bill. Odds are you do, and it’ll be mentioned in the fine print. If you keep going over the data cap each month, talk to the internet service provider about the plan with the higher data limit.

Give The Router A Break:

Reset the router each month or so to give your device a break and refresh the net connection. If you encounter serious internet speed problems, you may contemplate resetting the router each day. 

If you own a modem separate from the router, reset that as well. Resetting your modem stimulates the connection to the internet service provider, and that is what turning it on/off again all is about. Do not desire to append another task to the to-do list? 

Simple, get the outlet timer; you can plug the router and modem into the timer that will you’re your system on and off for you. Set that timer to reboot your system each night while you are in bed. 

That way, you can come around to that fresh net feeling each morning. Remember resetting the modem/router would not turn the slow connection into a cheetah magically. But it’ll definitely help, and it is a really simple fix.

Reposition The Router:

It’s a quick fix, is the router in some remote corner of the home? If so, simply move it. If the wifi signal from your router cannot reach you, the net connection will definitely suffer. Place the router toward the center of the home, preferably on whichever floor you spend your time on the most. If you spend all the time in your living area on the first floor, place the router on that same floor.

Embrace Ethernet:

Everyone makes use of wifi these days, which is awesome. The wireless connections are convenient and awesome, but they are not always fast. The wired connections such as Ethernet will always be more reliable and faster than the wireless ones. 

The wire gets the signal directly to the gadget rather than depending on over-the-air transmissions. If you can, connect the most significant gadgets to your internet using the Ethernet cord. Connect such devices to Ethernet:

  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Xbox, PlayStation, or other gaming consoles
  • TV

Particularly if you tend to steam data-heavy media such as videos on the TV, wired connections are excellent. Oh, and there is a bonus: Ethernet is more secure than wifi automatically. If you desire to keep the banking details absolutely private, Ethernet is a better option to choose.

Block Those Advertisements:

Almost every content provider shows ads. Everywhere you go online, there are countless auto-played videos, advertisements, GIFs, and pictures. Even if you do not mind seeing/watching ads, the net connection does. 

Advertisement media slows down the net connection, so At times it is simplest just to block them. Install an advertisement-blocking plug-in that will shut down such auto-play and data-heavy videos, and you will free up some breathing room for the connection. 

Make Use Of A Streamlined Web Browser:

If you are anything like us, you regularly keep dozens of windows and tabs open on the web browser. But all that open media can make the network connection slow, which is why we suggest having a backup web browser such as Opera.

This web browser streamlines all the data on the web to provide you with a fast browsing experience. We would not suggest utilizing Opera on an everyday basis, but if you really have to look something up and the wifi connection is particularly horrible, you can switch to this browser without disturbing the tab ecosystem.

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Install Malware And Virus Scanners:

If you have not already accomplished this, we highly suggest installing a malware-scanning and antivirus program. It is probably understandable that any malware or viruses lurking on the PC will put a major drag on the internet speed test. Plus, you ought to have a protection program installed as a general rule anyway.

Once you install a good program, set it to scan for malware and viruses automatically on a regular basis. If the program does locate existing malware or viruses (hence the slow internet speeds), get it removed by a PC technician and get back to simple browsing.

Install A Clear Cache Plug-in:

If you have never heard of a “cache” on the browser, now is the time to learn what it really is. As you open sites and enter data, web browsers gather little bits of data about you, frequently in the form of cookies. 

Marketers make use of the data for sending you the relevant advertisements for stuff you may desire to purchase based on the browsing behavior. If you have ever seen the same advertisement follow you around the net, then you are already acquainted with this concept. 

For removing all such trackers and cookies, you need to clear the cache on the web browser. You can do so manually, but it is simpler to install a plug-in so that you can do so with a simple one-click. Make it a routine to clear the cache daily, so all that accumulated information does not affect the internet speeds.

Negotiate With The ISP:

Even if there is just one internet service provider in your area, it probably has several plans. If you do not like the speed, the ISP may provide a higher speed plan that would better help you. Yeah, we know it is really fun to pay more cash each month, but if the net is driving you crazy and there is no better ISP in sight, it may be the best choice you have.

Call the ISP and ask about different plans, or do a little research online to learn what other users are paying for similar internet plans. You may also be capable of finding deals online the company would not let you know about over the phone.

Get A Diverse Internet Provider:

At times the ISP is the biggest issue. We admit this tip is not necessarily simple or easy, but it’s practical and may even be cheaper in the long run. If the ISP is gonna provide you a slow net connection no matter how many other guidelines you try, contemplate a swap.

The majority of areas have just a few ISPs accessible, so it ought to be a pretty quick check to find out if the other ISPs that serve the town have better prices for faster internet speeds. You can skim this roundup of best internet service providers and see this month's deals to understand if an alternative ISP may give you a better cost. 

Switching ISPs ought to be the final resort, but if you try the other instructions on this list and the speed is still slow, it may be the time to make a change. Particularly if you are making use of satellite internet and find out you can switch to DSL or cable. (Cable or DSL will almost certainly get you faster internet speeds and more data than the satellite one.)


We know slow net speeds can feel painful, particularly if you cope with high priorities and slow connection each day. Make use of the tips mentioned above to up the speed a little without wading through extremely technical server details, and do not be anxious; you ought to be back to the continuous binging in no time.