True move Speed Test

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Average True move Internet Speed

Download Speed
09 mbps
Upload Speed
195 ms
Ping Latency

True move speed test has been specifically created by keeping into view the specific needs and test demands of true move Internet service.

This test will give you an accurate result of up to 90th percentile on how you internet is performing at that moment and what needs to be improved.

A detailed understanding is explained below.

TRUE MOVE Internet Speed test service:

True move Internet service is well know Internet provider company in Thailand.

The best feature of this Internet provider is that it offers a very broad variety of Internet packages to chose from. Some of which have been included in this article.

History of speed tests:

Have you ever had an important email to send to literally a different continent of the world, but you could not due to a poor Internet service on your end or on the receivers end?

Have you ever had your important data got stuck for hours owning to the fact that your Internet company provides a low quality Internet?

Have you ever lost all the tempo and momentum while watching one of your favorite Harry Potter classic only because you couldn't help the fact that your Internet service is very slow?

Have friends ever eaten your brain to send them pictures and videos taken through your new iPhone 14 but you couldn't because your poor quality Internet couldn't handle so many pictures and videos being sent altogether?

If you have experienced any of the above mentioned conditions or even al of them then please be known that you are not alone.

Almost every regular user of Internet has at some point seen these but the thing is how do you know that your Internet provider speed is actually slow?

The answer-SPEED TESTS.

Advent of speed tests:

Speed tests were first invented in 2006.

Actually the early 2006. What made them so famous and popular was the fact they were speedy enough to provide you with the results of your speed test in seconds.

Their use in the current world is wide spread and even a 10 year old can easily track the speed of the Internet using speed test.

Speed test result components:

Following Constituents are a must of an excellent speed test with the downloading speed being an exception since downloading speed is the bare minimum must of an average speed test.

The constituents include but are not limited to

  • The uploading speed
  • The downloading speed
  • The jitter test
  • The Latency tests / The ping test

TRUE MOVE broadband packages list:

A compiled list of the broadband packages of offered by True move has been made by our authors. The list is down below

500 Mbps

599 baht per month

1 Gbps

699 baht per month

1.5 Gbps

1299 baht per month

2 Gbps

1399 baht per month

NOTE- Other variations of packages with the same download speed and different upload speeds are also available to fit to your needs.

Proposals for a better reading of speed test:

What you can do is try following the recommendations given below and see if any of them works for you. These are the tops collected from our current users which have helped them procure a better speed for the Internet.

  • Try restarting your device.
  • Try restarting your Wi-Fi device.
  • Try to troubleshoot your computer.

In case the above proposals don't work out in your favor there is no option other than to complaint to the helpline of true move Internet.

Ways to proceed after the speed test results come in:

Once the results are in, these are the ways through which you can proceed

  1. Check and ensure that you restart your modem and device before running another speed test.
  2. Check and ensure that you troubleshoot your computer too.
  3. Try filing a complaint related to the poor service of the Internet to the CSPIRE complaint department.

Speed test results:

Below are the main variables that display the overall strength of your Internet service.

  1. The downloading speed
  2. The uploading speed
  3. The ping test/ The Latency test
  4. The jitter test/ The packet delay test

Average speed test results:

The following values are the least minimum requirement for a good running speed Internet service.

Have a look at the table below

Average internet speed

1 gbps

Average uploading speed

980 mbps

Average downloading speed

100 mbps

Lowest internet speed recorded

0.77 mbps

Latency value

100 milli seconds

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1- what is meant by the jitter test?

The jitter test mainly tests that how many times in a minute does your ping vary and to what extent since a high variation in the ping in a short span of time can lead to a poor Internet experience.

2- Are Latency and ping the same thing?

Yes, Latency and ping are the Same thing.

Latency or ping commonly is a referral to the measurement of the time that is taken by your Internet service to send date from your server to another computer’s server.

3- What do you mean by troubleshooting your device?

The literal meaning of troubleshooting is to actually look for the cause of problems as in this case the cause of slow Internet speed.

These common problems can include checking if the modem cable is connected, if the power cable is connected etc.

The concept of troubleshooting the computer is basically running the built in program for troubleshooting in your computer it will look for common problems such as large amount of stored cookies or bugs to fix your Internet speed.


True move speed test is your go to option and preferred option by many users to check your speed of the Internet service in usage.

Please feel free to leave a review in our comments section down below. In case you encounter any problem or difficulty, contact us on the email given below.

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