BSNL Broadband Speed Test

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Average BSNL Broadband Internet Speed

8.4 Mb/s
Download Speed
5.49 Mb/s
Upload Speed
Ping Latency

(Bharat Fiber Broadband) BSNL speed test is a free tool to check the speed of your internet with just one click. No matter you are using a WIFI, DSL, or cable connection, you can easily measure accurate speed through a BSNL broadband speed test. Furthermore, it will give you the detailed results of the internet. Also, you can find problems with your internet connection too. So, if you are facing a slow internet problem then you can firmly believe in its results. Increase your internet speed now!! better than ookla, ftth, BB, 4G to 5G.

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My BSNL​ Speed test 

The Internet speed test is used to measure the download or upload speed of your internet. It will help you in finding internet issues if you are having a slow internet problem. It measures the processing of the internet that on what speed WIFI downloads or uploads the data. It is the best way to check that the internet is up to the mark or not. Or, you want to see that is that the same speed for which you are paying. 

What is BSNL?

BSNL stands for “Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited”. As the name describes that it is a telecommunication company in India. It’s headquarter is in New Delhi. It is the largest wireline and fourth-largest wireless telecommunication company in India. 

Services of BSNL

The BSNL is providing wireline and wireless services in India with a quality of services. They are providing telephone with fixed-line and mobile telephony services both. They are also providing internet services, BSNL broadband, and Bharat fiber (FTTH). Their services are well-known in India due to the quality of services. They have the Speed test for all the broadband /DSL/ cable internet users.

Bharat Fiber Broadband increase the speed

Through the BSNL broadband speed test, you will be able to check the speed of your internet. It will determine the functionality of the internet. The best thing is, you don’t need to download any software. You can easily test the internet with accurate results through the BSNL broadband speed test. 

So, it is an online speed test website based in India. It can check the download as well as upload seep, and ping as well as jitter of the internet accurately. 

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How does it work?

The BSNL broadband speed test is very convenient in use. It does not require any IT expert. You can easily check the internet speed by following these simple steps:

  1. First, make sure that the internet is only connected to your device.
  2. Close all the background applications which are running on your device, this may cause variations in the result.
  3. Try to connect with a cable, otherwise, wireless internet is also best for measuring speed.
  4. Go on the speed test BSNL broadband website.
  5. Click the “GO” button and your test begins.

The result will be in front of you after few minutes of processing the test.

Results 4G:

The BSNL broadband speed test determines details of different things for an accurate result. These are:

Download speed

Download speed is the incoming speed of your internet that transmits the data from the internet to your device. It includes gaming, watching videos, streaming, and browsing. The download speed measures in Mbps.

Upload speed

Upload speed is the outgoing speed of your internet that transmits the data from your device to the internet. It includes uploading large files, uploading videos, etc. It also measures in Mbps. The incoming speed is less than the outgoing speed of the internet. 

Ping test

A ping test is the latency of the internet. That means, it is the measurement of time at which the service provider response to a request from the device to the internet. It measures in milliseconds. 

Jitter test

Jitter test is the variations in latency. It is the measurement of variations in the response of a request from a device to the internet. It also measures in milliseconds.

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You must agree with the fact that wherever you are, either at home or in a business workplace, stable internet is a must. The BSNL broadband speed test is a reliable test for checking your internet. It can conveniently evaluate the speed and find out the problem in your connection. The best thing is, you can test without any preference or biasness of any service provider. So, try the BSNL broadband speed test and check your internet speed.