BT Speed Test

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Average BT Internet Speed

49.66 Mbps
Download Speed
16.93 Mbps
Upload Speed
217 m/s
Ping Latency

 Here’s How To Use The BT Speed Test! BT is actually an ISP that works in the United Kingdom. At present, it ranks in the first place from 1224 internet service providers in the United Kingdom.

About The BT Speed Test Tool

For the correct results, you ought to make use of a cable for connecting the PC to the router before running your BT speed test. If you have to test wirelessly, go as close to the router as possible. You ought to also make certain nothing else is utilizing the internet connection or running on the PC while running the test. When you get your results, you’ll see upload, ping, and download speed.

  • Ping: 

It’s the amount of time it actually takes data packets to travel from the device to the server. The bigger the number, the slower classes/websites will load. If a speed test shows 215 ping speed, it is fast enough for the loading class smoothly. Anything below three hundred ping ought to permit for a smooth experience.

  • Download Speed: 

It tells you how fast data will actually come to you. If you have low or slow download speed, then the teacher might speak, and it’ll take some time for you to check it, or the slides might take a little time to load; the higher the number, the better. The download speed is not bad. 

Downloads between 15 to 25 are suggested to stream HD video, so it’ll be more than enough for a smooth class. You desire at least ten Mbps if you’re the only individual making use of wifi throughout the class time. If other users are on your same network, you’ll desire at least ten Mbps per user.

  • Upload Speed: 

It tells you how fast you can really send data to us. If you’ve low or slow upload speed and the child clicks, talks, or draws on your screen, it may take a minute for the teacher to hear or see this; again, the higher the number, the better. The upload speed ought to also be excellent for class, as long as several users are not utilizing the same wifi signal simultaneously. Aim for above five Mbps for the smooth class.

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How Can You Run A Speed Test?

It’s significant to contemplate the conditions in which you ought to run the speed test. When you run the internet speed test, there are numerous things that could cause the speed test to assess a lower speed than the actual output of the internet connection, so you ought to take the following precautions:

  • Make Sure No Other App Is Running:

Make sure that no other applications or programs are running in the background when performing a speed test. Another app running on the device simultaneously (for instance, a software download) could be utilizing the internet connection while you’re attempting to run the speed test. So, close any apps that might be running on the device, comprising antivirus programs, online storage apps, peer-to-peer clients, and automatic updates.

  • Make Sure No Other Device Is Using Broadband Connection:

Also, make sure that no other devices on the same network are making use of your broadband connection (for instance, a tablet or mobile phone in some other room). A lot of individuals now have numerous devices connected to their broadband connection, including games consoles, set-top boxes, tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. Any of such devices could be utilizing the broadband connection simultaneously.

  • The Speed Test Server Might Be Loaded:

Be wary that your speed test server might be highly loaded. Mainly at peak times, the servers used for providing the speed test could be overloaded. Try to perform speed tests at diverse times of the day and on diverse days, and note the top results. Usually, the highest outcome will be the most correct one.

  • Connect The Device To The Router Directly:

Directly connect the device to the router using an Ethernet cable. Keep away from performing the speed test if connected to the router through wifi (or any powerline adapter). The wifi network can be the weak link in the broadband chain, so you will end up measuring the speed of the wifi connection rather than the broadband connection. 

Also, wifi interference problems can frequently trigger rapid fluctuations in the speed test results. If you have no option other than to make use of wifi (for instance, you’re utilizing a tablet), then make sure that the wifi is optimized and be located next to the wifi router.

What Do The Results Of A Broadband Speed Test Show?

The tool measures the latency or response time of the broadband connection as well as the upload and download speeds. The response time, calculated in ms (milliseconds), shows how fast you get a response after you have sent out any request. 

More-responsive connections, specified with the low number, are required for apps where timing is everything, like interactive video games. The download speed specifies the rate at which packets of data are transferred from the net to the device, while the upload speed specifies the reverse, the rate that packets of data are transferred from the device to the net. 

Download speeds are frequently of more interest, as the majority of tasks need you to download data. However, if you make use of the connection for online gaming or video calls, keep an eye on your upload speed as well; it is necessary for both. 

It is significant to note that the results of a speed test just show a snapshot of the broadband connection at the time of testing. So for building a precise picture, we’d suggest you run numerous tests during a single week, in the peak time of usage (between 8 PM and 10 PM) and throughout the off-peak times. 

The results also just show the speeds you are receiving on the device you are making use of for the test; the speed the internet service provider is offering to the house might be higher, particularly if you are running the test wirelessly at some distance from the router.

What To Do If The Internet Speeds Are Slow?

If the internet speeds are considerably less than you expected, the internet service provider might be in breach of contract. We recommend you to call the ISP (internet service provider) as a first step to check what it can really do. 

Begin by giving evidence of the internet speeds; it is a great idea to keep a diary of all the interruptions and to regularly make use of the speed test tool for building up an accurate picture of the internet service. 

If the contract begins after March 2019 and you are with one of the internet service providers (ISPs) that have signed a voluntary code of practice by Ofcom’s, the provider has to provide you a certain minimum speed when you take out your new contract. If the speed drops below that, the ISP has to improve it within a month; if it cannot, it has to permit you to exit the contract penalty-free.