Telkom Speed Test

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Average Telkom Internet Speed

17.12 Mbps
Download Speed
10.76 Mbps
Upload Speed
425 m/s
Ping Latency

Basic Things To Check Before Conducting The Telkom Speed Test! And Telkom is a fantastic internet service provider available in South Africa. It is a leading ISP in the wireless and wired telecommunication industry. This internet service provider is available in almost thirty-eight countries across the African continent.

The top coverage cities include Barberton, Louis Trichardt, Kimberley, Durban, Clocolan, Cape Town, Polokwane, Phalaborwa, Nelspruit, Johannesburg, East London, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Welkom, Vereeniging, and Richards Bay. 

Why Does The Wifi Run Slowly Or Disconnect Frequently?

All the houses in the world have some degree, large or small, of electro-magnetic interference (EMI) or wireless interference. At times, the interference emanates from outside the house. It can trigger problems maintaining your connection to your wifi network and also have an impact on the speed of your connection. 

The performance of your wifi can’t be assured because of the several variables in the houses that can have an impact on your wifi connections. If your PCs connected using Ethernet are performing well, but your gadgets connected using wifi are not doing that well, then the problem is probably the EMI. EMI can be caused by a massive list of variables; there is some common and basic stuff that can be done for improving the wifi signals throughout the house.

  • How High Is Your Modem Off Of The Floor?

Generally, your modem or router should be at least three to five feet off of your floor. In simple words, it is the same height at which your gadgets are being utilized or even a little higher. 

  • Is Your Modem Close To Any Electronic Equipment?

If you want to get some good results, then you should make sure that your modem or router is placed away from any electrical equipment, especially home appliances and different home theater equipment. 

Even the smaller equipment can cause interference, too, including cordless phones, baby cams, key fobs, and wireless headphones. All of these devices can meddle with the connection between your device and your wifi modem or router.

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  • Is Your Wifi Signal Passing Through Walls?

A few wall materials can also cause some sort of interference more than anything else. For instance, walls that have plumbing inside them can cause a lot of interference, walls made with steel will cause a huge amount of interference, and if the electrical wiring is installed in the walls, that can also cause some level of interference too. 

  • Do You See Any Potential Interference Sources Outside Your House?

While you might find data online which offers more suggestions to the potential interference sources outside your house, the wireless network of your neighbors is more likely the cause of that intervention.

  • Do You Have Any Other Wireless Technology In Your House?

Yes, the gadgets that make use of RF (Radio Frequency) can really impact your wifi signals in the house. So always make certain that you place your radio frequency-enabled devices and wireless frequency-enabled devices away from your modem as much as possible.

  • What Security Standard Ought To Be Utilized For The House?

It can rely on what your modem can offer and what your device can really support. If all the other gadgets are produced after 2006, the modem ought to be configured to make use of WPA2-AES. It’s the default should your modem be factory reset.

  • Which Frequency Is Your Modem Utilizing?

In the majority of situations, the modem that you are provided by your ISP is dual-band. It means that the modem can switch between 2.4 and 5 GHz automatically. Generally, the majority of wireless devices and modems are making use of 2.4 GHz. 

If you are trying to troubleshoot the EMI and it is not showing any results, then you should try to switch your network to the device it is actually connected to. If the modem provided to you has a dual-band, then you ought to have two different wireless networks which can be used. 

Run the Telkom Speed Test on both of such networks to check which one is the fastest and strongest. Usually, the network with 5 GHz will provide you with faster speeds near your router. It’s useful to utilize when you are bound by many other wireless networks. 

Remember that the wifi range provided by the 5 GHz network is definitely shorter than that of the 2.4 GHz network. But it is faster. In comparison, the network with a 2.4 GHz range has a more extended range but is definitely a little slower. Read more