Viasat Speed Test

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Average Viasat Internet Speed

19.1 Mbps
Download Speed
41.13 Mbps
Upload Speed
39 m/s
Ping Latency

Tips For Getting The Accurate Viasat Speed Test Results! Is your internet speeds your ISP advertises the speeds you really get and pay for? The answer to this question may surprise you a little. For preventing overpaying for the internet service from your ISP, you can make use of the Viasat Speed Test that offers accurate data. Find out if you are paying for the slower internet speeds than you ought to by utilizing the speed test.

How Can You Make Use Of The Speed Test?

You simply need to click on the Go button to start the speed test. The test will first calculate ping, or how long it actually takes to establish a connection with your server. Then the speed test will get a small bit of information to calculate the download speed. Last, it’ll send a small bit of information for measuring the upload speed.

The speed test assists you in determining the upload and download speeds you’re really receiving from your internet service provider. Running the internet speed test regularly is significant not just to find out what you can and can’t simply do online with the internet connection but also for determining if you’re getting everything you’re actually promised when you really signed up. 

For making use of the speed test most effectively, we suggest you to connect the device to your internet directly using the Ethernet cord and that you’ve few or no processes running in the background that might take up a little of the network's bandwidth. Additionally, you ought to also run numerous tests throughout the day for getting a better idea of the service (and that’s particularly significant with the satellite ISP).

Understanding The Speed Test Results:

  • Download Speed:

The download speed is actually a measurement of how swiftly you can download data and files from different sources online. The download speed is maybe the most significant metric, the metric you’re almost certainly most interested in knowing, and what internet service providers will usually advertise their plans by. The download speed efficiently determines how well you can stream videos or can handle the household with several users.

  • Upload Speed:

The upload speed is actually the measurement of how swiftly the internet connection can send data somewhere else online. It’s a significant metric for gamers, remote workers who have to send huge data files to their workplace or clients, and individuals who utilize video chat applications frequently. This number is usually much lower than that of your download speed, and that’s usually okay.

  • Latency Or Ping Rate:

It’s the measurement of how long it really takes the device on your network to send a file to the server and receive a response. The average user ought to hope to get a latency of below 100ms, and individuals who desire no lag times ought to look for the time of below 30ms.

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Tips To Get Accurate Speed Test Results:

Before running the test, there are some steps you will desire to take to ensure it’s accurate. Such steps aren’t essential to run the test. 

  • Close any web pages or apps on the PC that might be consuming bandwidth, including music and video streaming sites or apps.
  • Disconnect any of your other devices that make use of the net. It comprises any device that might be connected to the wifi network, like tablets, smartphones, wifi-enabled cameras, or smart TVs, etc. Such devices can consume all bandwidth and meddle with the test results, even if you are not actively utilizing them.
  • Connect the PC directly to your modem via an Ethernet cord. If the internet plan advertises speeds above a hundred megabits per second, make use of a Cat6, Cat5e, or Cat7 Ethernet cord for optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: How Fast To Expect The Wifi To Be?

This number can vary based on whether there may be meddling with your network or what equipment you are making use of, but overall, you ought to be receiving a download speed over wifi that is thirty to fifty percent of what was promised.

Q: How Fast Should The Net Be?

The download speeds ought to regularly be at least eighty percent of the rates you’re actually promised by the ISP. However, the satellite internet is fickle at best, so the test results might differ.

Q: How Long Does A Speed Test Really Take?

An internet speed test does not take more than a minute; the speed tests can show the download, and upload speed results relatively fast as well as the latency you are experiencing.

Q: How Accurate Is The Internet Speed Test?

Numerous things can affect the results of the internet speed test, but usually, internet speed tests are a helpful method of estimating the download and upload speeds. For increasing the accuracy of the test, be certain to follow the steps before starting: reboot the router and modem, reboot the PC, stop any internet use, and clear the web browser’s cache. 

If the speed test results are a bit below or above the plan's listed speeds, do not be too worried as it’s common. However, if the speeds are constantly much slower than your purchased plan, you may desire to contemplate calling your ISP.

Q: What Things Affect The Internet Speeds?

The internet speeds could be slowed because of a number of reasons. You might desire to contemplate server/website limitations, internet congestion, spyware or adware, corrupted web browsers, wireless vs. wired connection, the PC's processing speed, the type of modem you are making use of, and the efficiency of your OS if you’re struggling with the slower speeds.

Q: How Can You Improve The Speed?

If the internet speed test results are a little below what you had anticipated, you can try to move the router to a more mid location in the house, appending a wifi extender, and even simply switching the modem off and on again. If, after trying such changes, you are still searching for faster speeds, contemplate comparing other plans that might be better for you.

Q: How Much Internet Speed Does A Household Really Require?

The internet speed a household requires relies on numerous factors, comprising the number of users, what you plan to do online, and how many processes are running in the background. In general, the majority of users require at least five to ten megabits per second for avoiding complete frustration and 25 megabits per second for keeping up with modern uses like HD streaming.

With the satellite internet, you might have thought about or are coping with it already, but the data cap for every month is significant as well, as you might face additional charges or throttling to go over it.


We hope that the internet speed test and information have permitted you to see what you are receiving from your ISP in terms of the service and show you what you ought to be receiving and what you could be receiving. 

If you’re not contented with the internet service, you ought to not need to settle for it, and you ought to contemplate other choices if possible. If you’re satisfied, we’re pleased and hope you now have greater serenity.