Virgin Media Speed Test

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Average Virgin Media Internet Speed

88.57 Mbps
Download Speed
16.32 Mbps
Upload Speed
107 m/s
Ping Latency

Everything To Know About The Virgin Media Speed Test! Virgin Media has recorded the second-fastest broadband speed in the United Kingdom right now, based on the total of 11,019,504 download speed tests done over the last twelve months. Out of all the internet service providers in the country, Virgin Media has the second-best broadband download speed range and is the most tested broadband service provider in the UK.

Why Should You Test Broadband Speed?

It is significant to know how well the broadband is doing and that you are getting what you disburse for. You can make use of the internet speed checker to check if the internet service provider’s broadband you are using is right for the household. The results from the broadband speed test could assist you in figuring out a better broadband deal for suiting your streaming, work, or browsing requirements.

How To Check The Virgin Media Speed Test?

You will be capable of testing the broadband speed at the click of a button using the internet speed checker. It’ll allow you to know how the broadband is doing by simply measuring the upload and download speeds and give you the results in Mbps (Megabits per second).

Troubleshoot The Virgin Media Broadband Speed:

Before you begin troubleshooting the speed of the Virgin Media connection, you have first to run the Virgin Media Speed Test and also confirm the exact download and upload speed that you’re disbursing for. You can get this data by checking the Virgin Media bill or contacting Virgin Media to confirm this information.

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What Are The Possible Causes Of Slow Virgin Media Broadband Speed?

Read the following to understand better what can cause your Virgin Media Broadband to slow down at times:

Check If Your Virgin Media Broadband Is Slow Or The Device You Are Using (Laptop/PC/Phone)?

You have to contemplate how many programs are running simultaneously on the device that could be using the system resources (mainly CPU and RAM) and/or the Virgin Media bandwidth. 

If you’re using a PC, then you might make use of the task manager for checking the memory and CPU usage. On any other device, you ought to try rebooting your device, which ought to terminate all the applications that might have been working in the background. 

Re-run your Virgin Media speed test on the personal PC and the mobile to check how the speed test results compare between these two devices. It ought to hopefully offer you some info to work with in terms of whether the problem lies with the device or your Virgin Media Broadband connection.

Your Wifi Connection Could The Issue:

The cause of the problem could be the Wifi network connection and not your Virgin Media broadband connection. You can exclude your Wifi connection network from being the trigger of the issue by connecting the PC directly into your Virgin Media router utilizing the network cable and running your Virgin Media speed test once again. If the performance is better when you are connected through the network cable, then it proves that the issue might be with your wireless connection setup.

Possible Things You Should Investigate:

  • Does the performance improve when you’re standing directly in front of your Virgin Media broadband router?
  • Could the Wifi network signal from your router be obstructed?
  • Are the WiFi channels you’re utilizing for the wireless network (SSID) overlapping with your neighbors?

Check If The Problem Is External (At The Exchange)?

It’s probably the most common cause for the Virgin Media broadband performance issue in the area and is more common for the internet connections that are provided through the phone lines. If you are uncertain if it’s applicable to you, you ought to get in touch with Virgin Media, who will be capable of running the correct line checks to check if there’s a fault on your Virgin Media broadband line.

Who’s Connected To The Wireless Network?

Have you checked that the Wifi network password hasn’t been compromised? Do you have a guest wireless network that is not secured? Neighbors could be on the wireless network and utilizing all your Virgin Media bandwidth uploading/downloading or even streaming Netflix! Worse still, they can be doing some illegal activities, which will all lead to the connection. 

There are two apps that you can utilize for scanning the Wifi network to check who is connected: MAC users can make use of the whoFi (who is on my Wifi), and Windows users can make use of the Wireless network watcher. Both applications will scan the wireless network and show you a list of all the connected devices.

Check If The Virgin Media Broadband Router Is Updated:

The Virgin Media and Openreach infrastructure is continuously being updated for supporting new features. Make sure that the Virgin Media broadband router you have has the latest software. You can upgrade the majority of Virgin Media broadband routers by signing onto your Virgin Media broadband router and then clicking on a button provided. 

If you cannot do so, make contact with Virgin Media, and they’ll be capable of either doing it for you or helping you out in how you can do so, relying on the model of your Virgin Media router. Other than updating the software, if you’ve had the same router for a long time, it is worth talking to Virgin Media to request for the router upgrade.

Virgin Media Internet Congestion:

If you are discovering that the Virgin Media speed in the region is slow throughout certain times, e.g., during the evening and weekends, then it might be because of the congestion throughout the peak times.

  • What does network latency denote?
  • What’s the broadband contention ratio, and does Virgin Media have any contention?

You ought to speak to Virgin Media for a better understanding of whether the service you have subscribed to has a guaranteed speed or is the contended first-come-first-serve service with no minimum speed assured.