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Ping is a value representing the minimum amount of time required to send the least amount of data and receive a response from the server. Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms.). 1000 milliseconds equals 1 second. The lower the ping of your connection, the faster your site will load.

Charter internet speed test

How does the ping test work?

Our free ping test tool drives the ICPM package (Internet Control Message Protocol) to host and measure the response time. Get the lowest stats of your internet connection and the lowest ideas of work. The package is sent to the Ping host test for each Request of Straw-ICMP. It also records the status of the request (good or bad).

What are the normal values for ping?

  1. Ping for cable connection is between 5 and 20 ms.
  2. Ping for wireless connection (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and so on) near to 30 ms.
  3. Ping for mobile connection is much worse and can reach >100 ms.

Rds Rcs Speed test

Ping values ​​affect online gaming and internet calling (Skype, Facebook, and WhatsApp video call). Low latency is very important for online gaming, especially for highly competitive games and pro gamers. A particularly high ping means all operations are severely delayed.

Let’s use a simple example to explain to the player what that means. An opponent is active. It shoots with a pistol, but the call time is 500 ms, this means that when the character fires by pressing the trigger, the opponent is about 5m away from the shot. Now you can understand why low latency is important. For the average player, this doesn’t really matter. Only an expert can tell the difference between 40ms and 60ms. For gamers, the correct ping time is less than 50ms.

What do you need a ping test?

Run ping test to check if your connection is good enough to:

  1. Play online games.
  2. Run a video call
  3. Stream movies online

If you are thinking that an online ping test is the only option to check the ping then it is wrong. Ping your Mac or PC to see your ping from your computer. However, online ping checks are much faster and perform with the same accuracy.

at&t 5g speed test 

Can you improve your ping?

The main thing you can do is use an additional wired connection instead of Wi-Fi or switch to a 5GHz router. Distance from your router is also important when you are using Wi-Fi. Make sure nothing is downloaded during the multiplayer game, online streaming, or video calls. If you have poor internet bandwidth, you can also turn off YouTube/Facebook during playback. Make sure the person you share the internet with doesn’t overload the internet. Anyone on the same Wi-Fi network can watch the latest Game of Thrones episodes on HBO Go. Meanwhile, he is trying to defeat his latest opponent and win Apex Legends. Due to high ping, you both users will face the worst experience.