Zain Speed Test

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Average Zain Internet Speed

77.52 Mbps
Download Speed
23.72 Mbps
Upload Speed
60 m/s
Ping Latency

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Understanding The Zain Speed Test Results! Mobile Telecommunication Company is actually the telecommunications services provider that provides Internet services, mobile telephony, and fixed-line under the Zain brand name. It’s the Kuwaiti mobile telecommunications agency founded in Kuwait back in 1983 as Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC). 

It is the first mobile telecommunications agency in Africa and the Middle East and was later rebranded back in 2007 as Zain. It has its own market presence in 8 countries around the Middle East. These countries are Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Bahrain, South Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, and Sudan.

Understanding The Speed Test Definitions:

  • Download Speed:

The time it actually takes for downloading data from the server in the form of videos, images, files, text, and audio. It’s the type of speed the majority of individuals think of when they think of internet speeds. 

  • Upload Speed: 

How fast data from the network is sent to different external networks. Examples of uploading activities comprise email, Zoom conferencing, and live gaming. 

  • Mbps: 

The majority of internet speeds are measured as Mbps or megabits per second. If you are disbursing for ten Mbps, then the Zain speed test ought to tell download speeds at or near ten megabits per second.

  • Ping (Or Latency): 

It measures the delay in the information transfer, telling you how long it really takes for the packets of data to get from the source to the destination. 

  • IP Address: 

It actually refers to the unique numbers string that recognizes the devices. The IP address is usually referred to as ZIP codes of your internet.

How Do The Internet Speed Test Results Compare?

Generally, the speed test results when utilizing the Ethernet cable ought to be within eighty percent of the advertised speeds you are actually paying for, according to the data from FCC (the Federal Communications Commission). It denotes that if you are disbursing for fifty megabits per second, the speed test results ought to be at least forty megabits per second or greater.

How Can You Find Out What Speed You Ought To Be Getting?

When you buy internet from the ISP, you’re actually buying a certain plan of speed. A few of the internet service providers provide diverse speed packages to pick from, and others just have one choice per area. 

You can discover what the internet speed plan is by calling the ISP directly, checking the internet service bill, or checking the official website of the internet service provider to check what speed plans they provide in the area. 

If you’re interested in what internet speeds the mobile phone gets, you can also run the speed test through the mobile device utilizing both wifi and cellular service. You might desire to contact the carrier directly if you desire to learn more about whether the mobile device is making use of 4G or 5G.

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What To Do If The Internet Speeds Are Slow Than Expected?

Didn’t you receive the test results you expected or desired when you tested the internet connection? Before you look for the ISPs in the area, there are some easy and quick things you can do to improve the internet connection.

  • Turn Off The Router And Modem:

At times the equipment requires a restart. Frequently, the ISP will recommend you to reset the wireless router and internet modem as the first step. Unplug both of these devices for at least ten to twenty seconds.

  • Improve The Wifi To Get The Stronger Signal:

If the problem is a weak wifi signal, not necessarily the slow speeds, there are numerous steps you can take for boosting the wifi signal, comprising moving the wireless router, angling the antennas, and buying a wifi repeater.

  • Test The Internet Speed Utilizing The Ethernet Cable:

Plug the PC directly into your modem utilizing an Ethernet cable. It’ll assist you in determining whether the problem is based on a weak wifi signal or low internet speeds.

  • Try To Run Several Tests At Diverse Times:

Relying on when you perform the internet speed test, you might see faster or slower internet speeds. It is not uncommon to face slower internet throughout the peak hours. And, if you have a cord internet connection, you might be sharing bandwidth with the neighbors.

What To Do With Top Speeds?

Test the internet connection and check what the internet speeds are actually capable of. The speeds you require will rely on how you plan to make use of your internet. Check out what you can really do with a few common internet speed tiers and how long it actually takes to download the media.


Up to 5 Mbps

Up to 25 Mbps

Up to 40 Mbps or more

Video calls

Online gaming (1-2 devices)

Working from home

SD video streaming

Downloading large files

Video conferencing

Streaming music

HD video streaming

Online gaming (3-4 devices)

Online shopping


4K video streaming

Web browsing