Frontier Speed Test

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Average Frontier Internet Speed

68.12 Mbps
Download Speed
50 Mbps
Upload Speed
41.11 MS
Ping Latency

Frontier offers a great range of internet speed packages for users. It also lets you test the signal strength of your internet to tell you where you stand. This interactive broadband speed testing tool is very useful for those who would like to measure the speed and communication barrier in their internet connection. You can check speed in mobile, PC and MAC custom.

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Users get a variety of internet speed packages option from 6mbps to 1,000mbps, and they can enjoy the best of their time using Frontier without any hassle. There is also an option for the users to choose Gigabit speeds that can provide a good range of bandwidth to support the connection for you and your entire family to browse or surf on the internet without any interruption.

These packages are available only in limited areas that can have access to the Frontier's fibre services for a better and stable connection. Normally, Frontier settles the users with a digital subscriber line (DSL) at average internet speeds in the range of 115 Mbps.

What to do Before Frontier Broadband Speed testing?

Before you can test the speed of your internet using Frontier, you might want to look at the following things first.

  • Make sure that you have turn off any VPN or proxy services or any backup services that are running.
  • You have to disengage any streaming service on all the devices that include your phone, tablet, or any smart TV.
  • After you are done, you can run the speed test on a computer that is wired to a router.

Frontier DSL and Internet

Frontier's DSL internet is made available for all the users, and it is spread to a wide extent. You may find DSL internet more than its fibre internet due to which DSL service has more customers at the Frontier. But the Frontier internet speed that you want to test or get would mostly depend on the type of your internet package.

There are 2 types of Internet packages by Frontier. These include DSL and a Fiber Internet. Fibre internet is very fast and can be very useful, but the problem is its availability to only some areas, whereas DSL internet is available widely, but it taps out at 100 Mbps max.

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What Frontier Broadband Test Does?

The Frontier speed test gauges the internet speed of your connection, whether it's a fibre or DSL, by measuring three things:

  • Its download speed shows how long it takes for the data from the server to reach your computer.
  • The upload speed shows how long it will take to get the data from the computer to the server.
  • Latency shows that how long it will take for the ping to go round trip from the computer to the server and back.

How does Frontier Speed Test work?

  • To check the download speed of your connection, the Frontier speed test has a small file called the dummy file that is to be run on your computer.
  • This dummy file checks for the time how long it takes to download on your system and then converting that time into your speed.
  • It is safe to file, so you don't have to worry about downloading it. Just turn off your antivirus program and set it on to get an accurate speed test.
  • The speed test can also be conducted by using these dummy files to assess the upload speed of a user by sending a file from the computer to a server on the internet and check to time.
  • In this way, the speed test measures the latency of the internet connection by sending a signal of information, also known as ping, from the network to the web server and back. The timing tests the speed.


This was a discussion about the Frontier speed test and its use using dummy files. All helpful info is shared for checking and testing the speed of your internet, along with various packaging offers that Frontier provides is shared in this discussion.

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From where can I get Frontier Internet?

To get the Frontier internet, it may be not possible for everyone as it is only available in 29 states. Frontier is not available in other states in the US. Users can check for the packages by Frontier to see and make sure that there is a planned availability with the zip code they have provided.